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Tequila, the beloved Mexican spirit, has been around for centuries, which is plenty of time for a few good tall tales to surface. It is a distilled spirit made from the agave plant and can only be produced in designated areas of Mexico. Today, it is one of the most popular liquors in the world, though it’s most often consumed in Mexico and the U.S. There is even a day dedicated specifically to the consumption and celebration of tequila – National Tequila Day — which takes place this year on July 24th. With this in mind, we’ve come up with our 10 picks for a wide-ranging selection of tequilas for your tasting pleasure. Plus, we’ve even added a number of tequila-related products to spice up your celebration.

LALO Tequila Blanco

Originating in the Jalisco highlands, LALO Tequila Blanco is made from fresh, hand-picked blue agave and is double-distilled using only the middle cut. Utilizing a traditional cooking process passed down through the generations, LALO distills only twice to maintain the integrity of its agave with the only ingredients being agave, yeast, and water. Perfectly clear in the glass, this is an agave-forward, clean, assertive and yet very sip-able blanco. Sip it neat, on the rocks or with a splash of soda to experience its fullest flavor.


El Tesoro Reposado Tequila

Truly unique, and steeped in history, El Tesoro is one of the last known tequilas to fully embrace the traditional tequila making process. El Tesoro honors Don Felipe Camarena, the man who established La Alteña Distillery in the highlands of Jalisco in 1937. Today his grandson, Carlos Camarena, oversees production. El Tesoro Reposado is aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels for 9-11 months, yielding a sweet and smoky flavor, with hints of vanilla, caramel, maple, dried fruits, and, of course, agave.


Mijenta Reposado Tequila

A relative newcomer to the world of tequila production, Mijenta Reposado Tequila is garnering attention for its tequila that features flavors of honey, vanilla, caramel, and floral notes, along with flashes of tropical fruits such as peach, melon, pineapple and light touches of soursop. Aged up to 6 months in a blend of American white oak and European acacia casks, this tequila presents a more mature and fuller expression with a long finish on the palate.


Fortaleza Tequila Blanco

Fortaleza’s Tequila Blanco presents flavors that include citrus, cooked agave, vanilla, basil, olive, and lime. The finish is long and deep, complex yet easy to drink. Fortaleza Blanco is a true aficionado’s tequila. This tequila blanco is made using 100% blue weber agave grown in the rich, volcanic soil of Jalisco. The agave are grown for seven to eight years before being harvested at their peak of maturity by expert jimadors. After harvesting, the soft, sweet piñas are crushed using a tahona (a giant stone wheel) — the exact same method that the owner’s great-great grandfather used a century ago.


Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila is an ultra-premium spirit made of 100% organic Tequilana weber blue agave. The 8-month aging gives this sipping Tequila an amazing balance, body and flavor. This bright reposado is silky smooth with a rich body and woody, fruity aromas and nuanced flavors of cooked agave, wood, vanilla, and caramel. Each of the beautiful bottles is hand-made and hand-painted by artisans in a small village in Mexico, so each one is a unique work of art.


Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco

Casa Dragones is a small batch tequila producer, started in 2008 by MTV founder Robert W. Pittman, and tequila industry expert Bertha Gonzáles Nieves, the first woman to be certified as ‘Maestra Tequilera’ by the Academia Mexicana de Catadores de Tequila. Casa Dragones Blanco was released in 2014 and is a 100% Blue Agave silver tequila, produced without aging, to deliver the unaltered taste of agave. Considered by many to be the finest sipping tequila, Casa Dragones is known for its hand-numbered and signed bottles of small batch sipping tequilas.


Tears Of Llorona No.3 Añejo Tequila

Branching out into the super-premium tequila market, Tears of Llorona No. 3 Anejo Tequila is, as one might guess, the third limited release of Tears Of Llorona’s Master Distiller, Germán Gonzalez. Called “the Pappy Van Winkle of Tequila” by Food & Wine Magazine, this tequila is something special. This 100% weber blue agave is a rare, small batch, extra añejo Tequila, aged five years in oak barrels that have previously held scotch, sherry, and brandy. The unique triple barreling and extra-long aging creates a complex, layered fusion.


Patrón Estate Release

While most of the agave used to produce Patrón is grown on farms spread throughout the Highlands region of Jalisco, Patrón Estate Release uses agave that is grown and matured on the fertile grounds of Hacienda Patrón in Atotonilco el Altois, and is created using only 100% weber blue agave. This 84 proof tequila brings forth herbal and citrus notes from its unique harvest on the Hacienda grounds. Patrón Estate Release has a smooth and sweet taste with a floral and black pepper finish, and an aroma of intense cooked agave with caramel, lemon tea, and fruit.


Fuenteseca Vintage Extra Añejo Tequila 7 Year

The Fuenteseca Vintage Extra Añejo Tequila 7 Year was distilled in the early Spring of 2010, with three-quarters of the bottling made in a double-copper column still and the remaining quarter made in an alembic pot still. Half of the run was then stored in American white oak previously used to age California red wine, and the remaining half was barreled in used dark French Oak. The casks were then stored for 7 years at an elevation of 3,800-feet in a cool-climate, subterranean barrel room. The flavor is oakey with a bit of cinnamon and caramel.


Ocho Single Estate 2020 La Loma Plata Tequila

Considered an exceptional tequila for drinking neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail, Ocho Single Estate 2020 La Loma Plata is a spirit which accentuates that which is exclusive to tequila, the agave flavor. This Plata tequila comes from Rancho Las Aguilas, at an altitude of 6,800-feet. You’ll find notes of pink peppercorns, wet leaves, violets, and Macadamia nuts on the nose while menthol and tannic dryness round out the palate. Ocho is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the family grown agaves were sourced.


The Oaxaca Tequila Glass, Set of 2

Inspired by the original design of the Mexican Copitas, the elegant design of these glasses and the discreet monogram on the bottom, makes them a beautiful addition to any barware or dinner table. With its wide rim and shallow bowl design, this spirit glass prevents concentration of alcohol vapor so that every sip tastes perfect.


Authentic Clay Tequila – Mezcal Shot Glass Set

Handmade by rural Mexican craftspeople with premium-grade clay, these stunning shot glasses are durable and long-lasting, yet lightweight enough for easy drinking. Each of the four glasses in the set is different by virtue of the traditional style of decorative hand painting employed. These tequila shot glasses are also in an eye-catching traditional shape, with both height and diameter measuring about 2.25-inches.


Just Add Tequila Gift Box

Just Add Tequila is a gift box that any tequila lover would die for. Small-batch mixers like Pineapple Lime Cocktail Mixer, Cucumber Mint Cocktail Syrup, and Citrus Rosemary Syrup are included in the box to make the cocktail of your dreams. Let’s not forget the Cocktail Salt, Cocktail Jigger, and Meri Meri’s festive gold highball paper glasses and you’ve got a party in the making. As the name suggests, all you need to add is your favorite tequila.


Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails: Mixed Drinks for the Golden Age of Agave

Robert Simonson, a James Beard Award–nominated author and New York Times spirits writer, knows a thing or two about tequila and mezcal. His book, Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails: Mixed Drinks for the Golden Age of Agave is chock full of cocktail recipes such the classic Mezcal Mule and Oaxaca Old-Fashioned to new favorites such as Naked and Famous or Smoke and Ice. This is the perfect guide for tequila and mezcal enthusiasts who are looking for new and different ways to enjoy their favorite spirits.


Tequila Membership

Taster’s Club provides subscribers with a new Tequila each month, featuring premium and hard-to-find tequilas and mezcals. You can expect to be surprised each month when a 750ml bottle of tequila arrives at your door — Taster’s Club doesn’t pre-announce what’s coming to you to add to the anticipation. Each shipment is accompanied by the club’s unique ‘Tequila 101’ digital course material. Members can expect to become connoisseurs by learning about a given month’s selection, production techniques, trends, and history. Treat yourself with a membership, or give one to your best tequila-loving buddy.