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There’s nothing like the convenience of a backpack. It’s a standby from the days of old—the one accessory you carried throughout childhood, into your teen years, and eventually to young adulthood before graduating from college. Turns out that this rite of passage didn’t quite spell the end for the almighty carryall, however.

Today, everyone from busy parents to professionals who are rushed off their feet demand just the type of comfort, ease, and practicality that backpacks provide. These days, though, they also happen to be pretty darn stylish. If you’re in the market for one, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Here are seven of our favorites.

Tanner Goods Holton Leather Pack

For that busy morning trek that finds you schlepping your haul across town or the busy lifestyle that finds you clacking away on your laptop at the nearest coffee shop, only the best will do. The Tanner Goods Holton Leather Pack humbly fills many a gap, what with its 100% leather construction, smooth finish, and sleek silhouette. It evokes a sense of refinement, yet provides all the stability and hardiness of something a lot heftier. An interior laptop pocket keeps your devices secure, while a drawcord prevents moisture from intruding the space. Once you buy this, it’s safe to assume you won’t need to purchase another backpack ever again.

Aerios 30 Backpack

Indulge your inner adventurer with the Aerios 30 Backpack. Perfect for your days-that-turn-into-nights in the wilderness, this substantial bag is just large enough to support your most important outdoor essentials. Find multiple pockets inside and out of this bag made with a lightweight fabric that’s durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements and frequent usage. The adjustable sternum strap is a thoughtful addition that allows you to get the ideal fit when you’re on the move. Bonus points for that highlighter-yellow hue!

Mack Weldon Ion Convertible Backpack

You love a good backpack—but you aren’t averse to a briefcase either, and you definitely wouldn’t say no to a messenger bag. So what to do when you can’t decide and also aren’t about to splurge on all three? The Mack Weldon Ion Convertible Backpack has you covered in more ways than one—make that three, to be precise. The bag converts seamlessly from a backpack to a briefcase to a messenger bag with ease. The straps detach for a sleek look, and the bag features all of the space you need for everything from a laptop to office essentials. Nine compartments ensure that there’s room for every little thing.

Waterfield Packable Sling Bag

Never underestimate the potential of the modern-day backpack. The Waterfield Packable Sling Bag is everything a true 21st-century fashion fiend could possibly ask of a carryall. It will never wrinkle, for starters, so whether you’re walking or biking, you don’t have to worry about it losing its sleek appearance. It also resists moisture, so go ahead and trek to the office in the rain if you must. It’s sized just right for your everyday basics, but not so spacious that it overwhelms your frame. That’s key because it contributes to the product’s light weight, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

Herschel Supply Co. Tech Backpack

Just about as contemporary as it gets, the Herschel Supply Co. Tech Backpack features just what you need to head out on the go in style. Functionality is the cornerstone of this innovative bag that features a trio of spacious compartments, each filled with useful compartments for everything from laptops and keys to pens and water bottles. The luggage trolley sleeve is a useful addition for anyone who spends a fair amount of time on the road and wants a backpack that’s not too bulky or impractical for air travel.

Monos Metro Backpack

You’ve basically never seen a bag like the Monos Metro Backpack. It’s the answer to your everyday needs, but it’s ultimately best suited to travel thanks to its vast interior and convenient Metro Classic Kit, which snaps right onto the bag and offers enough space for items like your powerbank, passport, keys, and other essentials. The backpack itself is a traveler’s dream, with a water- and scratch-resistant body, adjustable shoulder straps, a luggage sleeve, and plenty of pocket space for your belongings.

Danner Daypack 26L

Outdoorsy types know that Danner doesn’t play around when it comes to foolproof equipment. They’ve mastered the fine art of boot creation, and it’s the rare adventurer who doesn’t know exactly how amazing the footwear is at its core. The Danner Daypack 26L evokes much of the same enthusiasm, featuring incredible extras that set it apart from everyday backpacks. The back panel, for example, is padded and features air flow channels that offer cooling ventilation. The straps are loaded with ergonomic memory foam for exceptional comfort. The side pockets expand to hold your extras, while the heavy-duty nylon body is designed to handle every little thing that comes its way.