Fall 2021 Men's Fashion Trends - IMBOLDN
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Fall is the biggest season in fashion. That’s when all the fashion houses showcase their most prominent and high-profile work. Now that the pandemic has eased up a bit, many people are back to work full time or ready to go out on the town with friends wearing their finest from head to toe. 

Men’s fashion is especially interesting right now with trends moving away from traditional attire towards more customized looks that will allow you to show off your personality. So get rid of the cookie-cutter suits and take a risk on some of the daring new trends from up-and-coming designers that are making their mark in bold ways. 

Quilted Leather Jacket

Leather is nothing new. It’s a trend in jackets that is timeless. Buy the right leather jacket, and you’ll keep it for years to come with the best care. Now, a leather trend that is new and fresh for fall 2021 is the quilted leather jacket. 

Overland makes a classic quilted car coat style that looks as at home on the city streets as it does in the Scottish Highlands.

Or try Dolce & Gabbana’s Quilted Leather Jacket With DG Embroidery ($5995), if they are one of your favorite luxury brands. Both of these jackets will definitely age well, as the detailing is subtle and the quality is top-notch. 

Bold Geometric Prints

Don’t shy away from big patterns this fall, especially big, bold geometric prints. Dior, Prada, and Versace all showcased this trend on their 2021 runways. You don’t have to do it in bright colors either, but if you want to stand out then you’ll want to pick out these prints in color. Neutrals are fine when you want a more subtle look. 

Get into the trend with Eton’s Blue Printed Button-Down Shirt ($255) with a vibrant optic print that looks sleek and pairs well with slim navy chinos. 

Even though the print is smaller on this short-sleeved shirt from Bonobos, the Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt ($79) is the right one for transitioning into fall where the temperatures during the day can still be quite hot. 

Red Red and More Red

We’re willing to bet you are either a big fan of red or you hate it with a passion. Red, red, and more red is the color of the season this fall 2021 because it was all over the runways. Be different and rock a pair of red pants with all neutral tones and shoes for a unique look. Going for an entire suit in red is an idea that takes some panache to pull off. Want just a touch of red? Go with Prada’s Superfine Wool Ankle Socks ($175) in red with a lettering logo. 

Be brave and go full-on red with Indochino’s Hemsworth Red Suit ($449). Pair it with a navy button-up shirt, pocket square, and dark brown Chelsea boots for a hot night out on the town with your significant other. 

Sweater Vests

Chandler may have favored the sweater vest on Friends, even though his gang routinely made fun of him for it. But the sweater vest is back, baby! Do it right with a style that isn’t too bookish, but is made for a business casual look. We promise you won’t look like your grandpa when you choose the right shape for a sweater vest. 

Everyone from Gucci to Adidas is making one, so look for this elegant choice by Brunello Cucinelli, the Cashmere English Rib Sweater Vest (£2260) in ivory with zippers and pockets. It goes with basically anything you want to wear and is the perfect piece to layer a trench coat over. 

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere English Rib Sweater Vest

Ralph Lauren makes a classic one that looks best with a crisp white Oxford button-down. Their Fair Isle Wool-Blend Jumper Waistcoat is a smattering of color in a knit style that will compliment dark denim jeans. 

Roomy Trousers

This trend is probably in response to most of the current men’s pants being considered slim-fit. Sure, it’s a great style for those men with a skinny build, but what about the guys with more muscular legs? A little junk in the trunk, if you will? Let your thighs breathe a bit with the new trend in roomy or extra-large trousers. 

Lanvin Straight Pants ($890) in virgin black wool fit the bill here with room to spare. Plus, with an elastic waist, these are the perfect pants for Thanksgiving – go ahead, have that extra piece of pie. 

These Bondi pleated cotton-herringbone trousers from SMR Days ($255) will make you feel like you’re perpetually on vacation, but look sleek and pulled together. Pair them with a white linen button down and some Birkenstocks and you’re good to go. 

A Colorful Turtleneck

You may have a variety of turtlenecks in various neutral tones. Break out of the boring, and slip into a turtleneck with some color. Make sure it’s stretchy and goes high up on your neck. No mock turtlenecks, please. That just won’t do for the look of fall 2021 where statement-making pieces are king. 

Try Tom Ford in a fun shade, which he calls “navy” but it’s really bright purple. The Polyester Silk Vanise Roll Neck Knit ($970) is perfect here with tan trousers. Don’t you just love the use of “roll neck” instead of “turtleneck”? Much more fashion. 

Tom Ford Polyester Silk Vanise Roll Neck Knit

Or double down on fall style trends with a turtleneck or roll neck in the color of the season, red. This Saint Laurent Turtleneck Sweater In Striped Wool ($650) is just the style you need with black pants and a jacket.