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Did someone say cozy? It’s definitely that time of the year again. Warmth coupled with refinement lend the best sweaters pride of place in your wardrobe — but rarely does anyone accuse your sweater of being elegant. Wouldn’t it be nice to rely on something that’s especially polished and downright exquisite? Enter cashmere, the deceptively light yet wonderfully warm material that serves as winter’s most reliable fabric. It’s incredibly soft, plush to the touch, and easy to wear in virtually any environment. Wear it to the office, wear it to the annual holiday party, wear it on date night. Your options are plentiful with cashmere in your collection. Here are the ones we’re loving the most this season.

Uniqlo Cashmere V-Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater

If you’re on a mission to find a sweater that’s well priced and that you’ll wear over and over again without a second thought, look to the Uniqlo Cashmere V-Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater. The label is known for its luxe-for-less aesthetic, something you’ll appreciate on those brisk mornings that find you struggling with what to wear. This sweater plays well with virtually everything in your closet, from the crisp wool dress pants to the rugged jeans. It’s available in a variety of colors, each leaning neutral but all with a little pop to lend any outfit a more polished edge.

Everlane The Grade-A Cashmere Crew

You’ve never known comfort until you’ve slipped into cashmere. The same concept applies to crewneck sweaters, which you’ve leaned on and appreciated for comfort since childhood. Everlane The Grade-A Cashmere Crew unites the best of both worlds, capturing a sense of nostalgic familiarity coupled with all-grown-up luxury. The result is a piece you’ll wear over and over again, whether you’re meeting up for some boozy holiday cocktails after work or leading the end-of-year team meeting. Find it in a range of colors perfect for everything on your agenda.

Naadam The Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater

The name tells you virtually everything you need to know — but it would be a shame not to explore Naadam The Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater just a little more. With its classic fit, expressive array of colors ranging from light to dark, and timeless appeal, this is the sweater you need if you’re not looking to buy anything else all season. It fits the bill and fills every gap. Wear it beneath a structured blazer and finish with dress pants, or throw it on with jeans when you want to look just a bit more pulled together.

Naked Cashmere Scott Sweater

A slightly more relaxed silhouette lends the Naked Cashmere Scott its distinctive appearance and irresistible charm. What sets it apart? Maybe it’s that simple V-neckline or the dropped shoulders. Both details capture a low-key vibe, yet the cashmere material conveys a different message. When you’re this warm, you won’t necessarily be thinking about whether you’ve toed the line between casual and dressy just right — but trust that you will have done exactly that. It’s the perfect buy-once-and-wear-forever piece.

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Ever wonder whether it’s possible to dress like you’re a tycoon on a budget? Maybe you hadn’t yet come across the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater. Just call it the sweater of your dreams. Made with grade A Mongolian cashmere, which means its fibers are long, tough, and fine, this sweater is wonderfully supple. You’ll feel like you’re nestled in your favorite blanket, which is just the kind of comfort you want to feel during wintertime.

J. Crew Cashmere Herringbone Sweater-Blazer

Meet your new favorite. The J. Crew Cashmere Herringbone Sweater-Blazer is one of those garments you didn’t realize you desperately needed. It’s smart, toasty, stylish, and sophisticated all at once — yet not so over-the-top refined that you’ll feel overdressed for the occasion. Wear it on a cool date night with dress pants or out to the movies with the family in jeans. You’ll appreciate its versatility, especially since it’s sized just right for layering over a thinner sweater when you need to lock in some extra body heat.

State Cashmere Half Zip Mock Neck Pullover

Add some easy style to your everyday look with the State Cashmere Half Zip Mock Neck Pullover. Available in a variety of colors ranging from white to maroon, it exudes the coolly casual comfort of a full-sleeve polo shirt coupled with the added warmth of cashmere. The cuffed hem and sleeves lock in additional body heat, contributing to all-day comfort with a light and airy feel.

J. Crew Cashmere Crew-Neck Sweater

Incomparable warmth is the cornerstone of every decent piece of outerwear, which is why the J. Crew Cashmere Crew-Neck Sweater is such a wardrobe essential. It’s perfect for wearing on merely chilly days to downright cold ones. Find it in a variety of colors, from autumnal shades like mustard and maroon to wintery hues like charcoal and forest green. Try them with a pair of cashmere joggers if you’re feeling especially fancy, or with your regular old run-of-the-mill joggers when you want to make said joggers feel fancier.

Huckberry Wills Classic Cashmere Crewneck

A good crewneck is just that: good. But the Huckberry Wills Classic Cashmere Crewneck is considerably more impressive for its sheer greatness. Made with Mongolian cashmere, it’s the softest of the soft — think white goats hand-combed to perfection, producing only the softest and most supple hair imaginable. You’ll feel it in the way the cashmere gently grazes your skin. It layers nicely over a lightweight tee, too.

Tricot Recycled Cashmere Sweater

The Tricot Recycled Cashmere Sweater offers the best of every world. It’s a cult favorite, made with 50% recycled and 50% virgin cashmere to produce a sweater that’s just right in every way. Do right by your sustainable side while adding a touch of casually chic style to your everyday wardrobe. While it’s oversized, it’s not sloppy — it’s just forgiving enough to allow for a light shirt underneath.