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If there’s one thing the last couple of years or so have taught us, it’s that most of us have a certain affinity for loungewear. We can’t resist something that’s downright comfy, yet that’s also pulled together enough for us to run out to the mailbox or to walk the dog around the neighborhood. There are generally two categories of loungewear, after all: those pieces that are more worthy of sleeping in on a lazy weekend and those that are decidedly more upscale. We’ve rounded up a few elevated options that will take your at-home outfits to the next level.

Taylor Stitch The Apres Pant

Meet the sweatpant that’s not quite a sweatpant. Taylor Stitch The Après Pants are made for your laid-back moments — but aren’t actually all that laid-back in the end. They’re designed with a double cloth waffle fabric that’s a little thicker than the usual. Available in an array of neutral colors, they’re perfect with anything from a long-sleeve top to a trucker jacket.

Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants

When it’s the OG sweatpant that you really do want to wear, you need something that’s got a modern edge. Enter Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants, which do the job in super style. They’re made with a midweight fabric that feels practically cloud-like to the touch. The jogger-style silhouette lends the legs a cleaner and more refined silhouette than slouchier counterparts.

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Pullover

Good? Who needs good when you could have great? The Flint and Tinder 10-Year Pullover takes its time getting to store shelves, enduring a meticulous construction process. Its elements are sourced from different parts of the country, as skilled workers steadfastly compose the final product: an effortless yet highly functional piece you’ll reach for over and over again.

Alo Yoga Cargo Traverse Sweatpant

For an ultra-contemporary look, think sleek style and clean lines. You’ll find that look in Alo Yoga Cargo Traverse Sweatpants. Designed with classic fleece, they’re ultimately anything but classic thanks to their block-work layout, their snap cargo pockets grazing the sides, and their sharp look. Try them with a fitted jacket to create an insta-track suit that’s destined to be a forever favorite.

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Sweat Long-Sleeve Set

A little stretch can make all the difference when you’re hanging out at home or walking around the park for a little fresh air. The Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Sweat Long-Sleeve Set has you covered in both style and comfort. The sleeves have a raglan cut, allowing for easy movement, while the clean lines lend the suit a modern appearance.

UGG Gordon Zip Hoodie

You can rely on UGG every time to produce the kind of soft threads that you’ll never want to be without. That’s definitely the case with the UGG Gordon Zip Hoodie, a buttery soft top that is made with the most stretchy cotton around. It’s a wardrobe classic — the type of item you can just as easily wear with matching bottoms as with jeans.

UGG Robinson Robe

You’ll be a fiend for UGG once you add the label’s nightwear to your rotation. The UGG Robinson Robe is nothing if not spectacular from top to bottom. It bears a timeless silhouette and features all of the hallmarks of a traditional robe, yet is considerably softer. The plush fleece lapel adds a toasty touch to the outfit.

Tommy John Lounge Joggers

Everyone needs at least one pair of go-to pants that they can wear in or out of the house. Tommy John Lounge Joggers are destined to become instant favorites, what with their incredible stretch and easy look. Wear them while lazing on the couch, while napping on a quiet Sunday, or out to run errands. They’re versatile enough for anything.

Nap Cotton Graphic PJ Set

Easy does it in the Nap Cotton Graphic PJ Set, a smart and thoughtfully designed two-piece set that’s all about relaxation. The top features long sleeves and a relaxed cut, including flowing arms that promote constant airflow. The ribbed, jogger-style pants feature ankle cuffs that promote a comfortable fit. The Nap logo is emblazoned across the front and on the pants.

Parachute Waffle Robe

Everyone needs a comfortable robe that keeps them toasty on the coldest days of the year. They’re perfect to wear after showering or whenever they’re relaxing. The Parachute Waffle Robe is light to the touch, yet wonderfully warm. Details like hip pockets and a self-tie waist promote practicality and all-day comfort.

Piglet Men’s Linen Pajama Set

It’s the rare pair of pajamas that can keep you comfortable throughout the year. Yet the Piglet Men’s Linen Pajama Set is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a versatile pair that keeps you cool on the warmest nights of the year and warm when temperatures start to drop. Its classic look is reminiscent of the PJs your dad may have worn when you were a kid. They offer that kind of old-school appeal you can’t resist.

Relwen Thermal Rib Shawl

When it comes to cozy, it takes more than a soft blanket to do the job. You need something warm and flexible that you can wear whenever the mood strikes. The Relwen Thermal Rib Shawl is a flawless piece, featuring a dignified appearance thanks to its ageless shawl collar and sweatshirt-soft material. Wear it with joggers at home or khakis or chinos when you need to be more pulled together.

Wills Classic Cashmere Crewneck

Perfect to give as a gift or to treat yourself, the Wills Classic Cashmere Crewneck exudes a sense of timeless style. This is the type of go-to piece you’ll reach for time and time again thanks to its simplicity and softness. It will add a dressy touch to jeans and sneakers, but it also layers nicely beneath a suit jacket when you’re at work. Of course, it’s also suitable for cozy days at home.