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It’s tough to shop for the tech enthusiast in your life. They’re often picky, they typically already own whatever’s new, hot, and of the moment before everyone else, and they’re notoriously tough to please. So what to give the person who definitely deserves something awesome — and that they probably don’t own yet? We’ve rounded up a few ideas that are all priced under $100.

Apple HomePod Mini

The wonders of innovation never fail to cease, and the Apple HomePod Mini is a wonderful expression of what’s possible in the modern world. The compact companion produces reverberating, outstanding, 360-degree sound quality that more than belies its deceptive 3.3-inch dimensions. It takes up just a fraction of available space on a desk or tabletop, yet its functionalities are immense. It’s designed to integrate with other Apple products, so your recipient can easily answer calls, play music, and control the TV with it. It’s also, of course, a remote assistant that provides the day’s news and weather with a simple command. Add to that an elegant façade and you have the perfect gift for that tech connoisseur in your life.

Google Nest Hub 7” Smart Display with Google Assistant

If their home is powered with Google, they’ll love the Google Nest Hub 7” Smart Display with Google Assistant. Featuring a seven-inch touch screen, it provides them with an easy way to keep track of daily activities and events, monitor security camera activity, and stream videos. It features hands-free speakers and microphones for quick and seamless communication, and with built-in voice control it can manage everything from their lighting to their TV, all from one dashboard.

Ring Indoor Wireless 1080p Security Camera

These days, a home just isn’t a home without beefed up security. Enter the Ring Indoor Wireless 1080p Security Camera, a sleek and stylish accessory that’s compact in size but powerful in function. Its motion detector alerts the homeowner right away, allowing them to quickly communicate via camera or contact the authorities if necessary. It’s designed to fit into standard outlets, and is compatible with Alexa for convenience and easy usage.

JBL FREE True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Gen 2

Never has music sounded so good. The JBL FREE True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Gen 2 are designed with amazing audio in mind — and the efforts paid off big time. The device provides full sound range thanks to its 10Hz to 22kHz frequency. Your recipient can even use these discreet headphones to answer calls hands-free thanks to the in-line microphone. Don’t be fooled by the minuscule size; they produce the kind of sound you associate with heavy-duty speakers. They’re designed to provide up to four hours of usage on a full charge.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Everyone needs a toolbox around. What’s often overlooked is the need for something like the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, a convenient package that includes a 64 steel screwdriver and a number of assorted bits and blades with handles, an opening pick, a jimmy tool, an opening tool, a suction handle, and an antistatic wrist strap. Everything inside is bound to be useful to the tech-savvy person in your life who finds themselves faced with a sudden emergency fix-it mission. They’ll undoubtedly be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

It’s the rare speaker that stands out for its size, but the Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker is easily one of the most eye-catching and stylish pieces of tech equipment out there. It’s compact yet sophisticated, sleek and fashionable, and available in a variety of colors. This handy device produces amazing size that completely belies its size. It operates completely on command, simply with a verbal direction that quickly gets the music going. It’s also a handy intercom that allows family members to communicate from one room to another, a smart and savvy companion that delivers the weather, the news, and scores in an instant, a tech powerhouse that makes phone calls, and an alarm clock. In short, it’s everything the tech-savvy person in your life could possibly want.

PhoneSoap 3 UV-C Sanitizer

Never has there been a more appropriate time to give the gift of cleanliness. It may not sound very exciting, but the tech world has ways of making even the most practical items seem exciting. Such is the case with PhoneSoap 3 UV-C Sanitizer, a handy and modern-day development that’s perfect for nixing the germs and bacteria that accumulate on phones all day long. Not only does it eradicate those germs through 360-degree disinfection, but it also charges the phone at the same time. It won’t expose the device to chemicals or heat, and it includes an indicator light that alerts your recipient when it’s all done. Ten minutes is all it takes.