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When in doubt, give a gift they can use year-round. For some, that might mean a hoodie or a pair of sunglasses. For others, it’s undoubtedly an object that fits seamlessly into their living space. Home goods are not only practical, but also stylish, functional, and useful enough to remind your recipient of you more than occasionally. We’ve rounded up a few thoughtful finds that are sure to delight, and they’re all priced under $100.

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

Ah, heavenly! There’s nothing like the feel of a plush robe as it gently nestles the skin. Whether for his Self-Care Sunday routine or because he works like a maniac and absolutely deserves something that’s nurturing and comforting, consider the Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe. Available in a variety of natural colors, this garment is made with 100% Turkish cotton. Boasting an effortless fit and a plush feel, it’s as light as it is warm.

Palo Santo 14 Classic Candle

Fresh. Crisp. Warm. Inviting. All at once? Almost inconceivable, but you can trust Le Labo to create a candle with that kind of diversity and complexity. The Palo Santo 14 Classic Candle is a legend amongst candles. Its notes are imaginative at a glance — think cedarwood, labdanum, patchouli, and incense, evoking an earthy sort of mood that’s at once invigorating and grounding. There’s another advantage, too: it’s said that burning Palo Santo wood is a life-changing experience that rids one’s life of negativity. What better gift to give?

SWET Tailor Joggers

Life at home is a whole lot sweeter when you’re doing it in style. What is “it,” exactly? Lounging. Working. Relaxing. Unwinding. Binge-watching. Cooking. Doing nothing. Whatever the year may have brought, it’s undoubtedly unleashed a new affinity and appreciation for comfortable clothing. SWET Tailor Joggers provide everything one might imagine contributes to the perfect pair of sweatpants. They’re made with 100% Suprese™, an innovative material that blends cotton with spandex for soft and stretchy comfort. The waistband features an adjustable drawstring for enduring comfort, while a back pocket boasts a zip closure to keep the essentials safe.

Morihata Cotton Woven Slippers/House Shoes

File this under “something everyone needs.” Even if they enjoy padding around the house barefoot, it’s nice to have the option to slip into something soft and cozy — especially on chilly winter days when everything looks a little better with a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa firmly grasped in hand. The remarkable Morihata Cotton Woven Slippers/House Shoes are the stuff of which comfort dreams are made. The weaving process takes place on slow Japanese looms, contributing to a methodical design that’s as meticulous as it is beautiful. They finish is reminiscent of cashmere — talk about luxurious! — yet the material is washable for convenience. The soft gray hue is another bonus: It wears well with everything from the plushest robes to the softest pajamas.

The Sill Faux Rex Begonia

There’s nothing like a little plant life to liven things up. That’s never been more true than it is now, when more and more people have renewed their relationships with their homes and committed to creating more comfortable and inviting living spaces. Studies have found that plants can even purify the air and lift spirits. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive one? The Sill Faux Rex Begonia is a great option for anyone. It’s an artificial plant that requires zero (zero!) care and maintenance, making it, well, impossible to destroy. It boasts a completely realistic look thanks to its wide, heart-shaped leaves finished with purple veining, along with the brand’s stylish Grant ceramic pot.

HoMedics 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat

A little comfort is high on the list this year. Whether they’re chronically doomed by sore muscles, love to wind down after their at-home workout, or simply deserve a little R&R for all the hard work they put into absolutely everything, the HoMedics 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat makes a wonderful gift option. This compact pillow packs a punch, providing the option for vibration to warm up tired muscles and provide near instant relief. Perfect for soothing everything from the back to the shoulders, this pillow also warms up and features integrated controls for easy usage.

Crate & Barrel Paddywax Electronic Oil Diffuser

Another home essential that should never be discredited is fragrance. It’s easy enough to light a candle, but the Crate & Barrel Paddywax Electronic Oil Diffuser provides a fresh and elegant alternative that continuously scents the air with a beautiful aroma. This stylish accessory consists of a ceramic diffuser that’s designed to be filled with water and the essential oil of your recipient’s choice. It can even release its fragrance intermittently depending on the person’s preference. Add a bottle of their favorite essential oil and you have the perfect gift for the holiday.