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Although it’s still unreasonably hot outside and you have no desire to even think about wearing warm clothes, the fashion world is always looking ahead. Why limit your wardrobe choices just because your mind isn’t currently thinking fall? The upcoming season’s trends will be here before you know it, and there are dozens of great reasons to add a few of these killer pieces to your closet. Here’s a breakdown of the hottest style trends on the horizon this fall.

Denim Blazers

The runways were rife with the most unexpected things—and key among them was the denim suit. Although you probably reserve your jeans for the most casual days of the week, there’s no telling what you can do with a denim blazer in your arsenal. A tailored option, like the Ermenegildo Zegna Washed Wool Denim Blazer ($748.12), can make a laid-back ensemble look a little more pulled together without the fuss of a stuffy sports coat.

Cozy Everything

You know you’re in for an incredible season when something as basic as jogger pants is among the hottest trends. That’s exactly what you have in store this fall. There’s reliability in comfort—it suggests an escape from the craziness of your daily routine, and it pulls you away from the chaos, allowing you to sink into something soft and effortless when you have a bit of off-duty time in your otherwise busy schedule. A pair of Ultra Soft Jogger Pants ($49.50) from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop is an easy addition to any closet.

Leopard Prints

Don’t even try to stay away from leopard prints this fall. They made a serious statement on the runways—Celine showed that men can rock their coats with tailored suits if they want to make a statement at the office, while Neil Barrett lent credence to the eye-popping leopard-print vest beneath an oversized coat. Take a more unexpected route and avoid the traditional palette in favor of something sleek, like this ASOS DESIGN Skinny Blazer ($95) with white leopard spots.

Black Boots

What’s so trendy about black boots, you ask? It’s the style that sets the hottest options for fall apart from the usual suspects. This season, it’s all about stepping into heavy-duty footwear that stand out for their heavy soles and substantial silhouettes. They’re not quite work boots—these are more polished and sophisticated by miles—but they bear the same distinctive tough, no-fuss spirit. A pair such as this Ross & Snow Federico SP ($445) is genius because you can easily transition them from late fall to winter.

Over-sized Coats

When in doubt, big is best. That was ultimately the motto that ruled the coat world in advance of the fall/winter 2019 shows. Oversized silhouettes created expressive looks that didn’t fail to turn heads. There was the utilitarian gray glam at Valentino, the shock of lipstick red at Hermès, the slightly androgynous take on classic at E Tautz. You need to wear a coat during winter, so why not shake things up just a tad? Try the Gabriela Hearst Ginsberg Double-Face Cashmere Coat ($6900) for a shot of devastatingly chic glamour.

Jumbo Scarves

What happens when you want to wear something oversized, but can’t commit to the jumbo-ness of a coat or a sweater? You opt for an accessory, of course. Fortunately, there’s something remarkably trendy happening in the scarf world, and you can thank a certain beloved fictional book character for the inspo. The Harry Potter-style scarves that appeared on the runways were nothing short of fantastical: cozy and so generously proportioned that you could easily get lost inside one. Try AMI Paris Plaid Wool Scarf ($275) for an instant shot of warmth.