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Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘IMBOLDN Week In Review’, where we take a look back at this past week’s best gears, tech, and style. From awesome rides to the essential tech upgrade for your EDC, we sort through the best items that we’ve featured this week and bring it to you in one easy dose.

VENTURI Mission 03 Antarctica

This futuristic vehicle is designed to traverse through the most inhospitable of continents without introducing any pollution.
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Arundel Mandible Water Bottle Cage

This carefully considered water bottle cage that emphasizes function and design refuses to become another marketing eyesore.
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No.One Delta Buffalo Calf Sneakers

A limited run handmade sneaker that defies mass production and mass consumption.
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Panasonic Any Battery Flashlight

Part lantern, part flashlight, part emergency solution, the Any Battery flashlight takes all battery sizes from AAA through C.
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JHO Lynx Card Blade

The perfect pocket knife for those that prefer a minimal EDC.
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