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If we close our eyes and think about leather clothing we can actually smell the scent of it; and then think about the lavish leather boots, leather biker jackets, leather pants, leather bomber jackets… you get the picture. Leather pieces add a stylish, luxurious element to your look and can help you stand out in any situation.

When the seasons change, people begin to change their wardrobe, keeping selected pieces and packing up the rest. However, many people completely turn their look upside down overnight. Seasonal transition periods are just that – transitions. There’s a period of time (right about now) where you should be slowly beginning to incorporate colder weather items into your warmer weather looks. A men’s leather jacket is one of the best items for this transitional season. You can wear it on a cool Fall evening or chilly Spring morning – if paired well with your outfit, it always works. 

So let’s dive deep into this topic and discuss the best way to incorporate leather into your wardrobe during seasonal transitions.

Leather Bomber Jacket 

Leather Bomber Jackets from The Jacket Maker

Leather bomber jackets tend to be a favorite clothing item for most men. Bomber jackets never go out of style and they allow you to channel your inner Steve McQueen. Plus, it’s pretty much the perfect piece for transitional seasons. On a cool Fall day where you’re running errands or watching a game with friends, style it with track pants and a round necked shirt with a light contrasting color. To complete the look, slide your sneakers or trainers and accessorize with a simple watch.

Biker Jackets 

Biker Jackets from The Jacket Maker

Biker jackets are one of the more sculpted clothing items you can own. Putting them away after the winter season simply bums everyone out. To style them during seasonal transitions, opt for great ripped jeans and a t-shirt paired with simple sneakers and classic shades.

Leather Motorcycle Vest 

Motorcycle vest from The Jacket Maker

A motorcycle vest is a bold choice. But if you pull it off? Incredible. Even better, they are perfect for the transition from summer to fall, where some days are too hot for a leather jacket, but perfect for a vest. Keep your look simple with jeans and white t-shirt with the leather motorcycle vest thrown nonchalantly on top of it. Your shoe choice will depend on what you’re doing – if you’re just planning on a casual day around town, sneakers are good but if you’re headed to a party or event, wear loafers and add a stylish watch. 

Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

Hooded Leather Jacket from The Jacket Maker

Most people feel like hooded leather jackets only work just in the winter – we used to think the same thing. But we’ve changed our ways. The hooded leather jacket can be styled in multiple ways so that you can wear it in the seasonal transitions, too.  

On cool evenings in spring and warm nights in the winter, you can surely slay a hooded leather bomber jacket if styled right. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort. Go for an entirely black outfit. Pair your black tee with black jeans and slide the leather hooded jacket over. Accessorize with a necklace or watch if it feels right. 

You now know how you can seamlessly incorporate leather in your wardrobe during seasonal transitions. Don’t feel like your favorite leather pieces need to be relegated to the back of the closet from April to November. All it takes is some simple, creative styling to keep wearing these wardrobe staples for most of the year. Just make sure your leather jackets are unique and a standout by themselves. The proper styling will just take your look to the next level.