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When you’re dropping hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a phone, you want to make sure that you’re protecting it from drops, spills, and general wear and tear. And if you’re one of the many people who pre-ordered the new iPhone 13 as soon as it became available, we’re willing to bet that you’re going to get a case to keep it safe and sound. 

Here are some of the best options from tried and true brands that you can order now to have ready when the iPhone 13 is released.

Survivor All-Terrain Earth for iPhone 13

Survivor’s All-Terrain Earth leverages sustainable materials to suspend your device in ultra-protective shock-absorbing layers that offer 20-ft of drop protection tested to military standards. A raised-edge bezel protects the screen and camera while textured grip on the sides and back offer superior hold.


Apple iPhone 13 Clear Case with MagSafe

For true Apple devotees, nothing but an Apple case will do. This case shows off the brilliant colored finish of iPhone 13 while providing extra protection. A scratch-resistant coating has been applied to both the interior and exterior and all materials and coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing over time. Built-in magnets offer a magical attach experience and faster wireless charging.


Survivor Strong for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Survivor Strong for iPhone 13 Pro Max has a streamlined shape and profile, but not at the expense of protection. Two-layer protection with parametric shock-absorbing technology offers 12 ft. of drop protection tested to military standards.


Journey iPhone 13 Leather Case

The clean and modern design of Journey’s iPhone 13 Leather Case is engineered for an exact fit for the iPhone 13. Crafted from supple full-grain European leather, which is vegetable-tanned using only ecologically certified producers, this case offers a sophisticated take on the iPhone case while also offering 6-ft drop protection.


Incipio Organicore for iPhone 13 Pro

You might think that a phone case that’s guaranteed to break down completely in a proper compostable environment wouldn’t offer great protection. But you’d be wrong. The Incipio Organicore for iPhone 13 Pro may be made from plants, but it delivers 8 ft. of drop protection and a lifetime guarantee.


Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

The super thin and nearly weightless design of the Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case ensures that you’re adding as little bulk as possible to your iPhone, while keeping it safe from scratches and minor drops.


Pelican Protector Black

The Pelican Protector Black combines a rigid, impact-resistant outer shell with a shock-absorbing rubber lining provides military-spec protection. The slim design with soft-touch over-mold is easy to hold and won’t slide off surfaces. Plus it’s made from recycles plastic and comes with Pelican’s lifetime guarantee.


Benks Magnetic Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone 13

Made from 100% aerospace-grade aramid fiber, the durable, light, and scratch-resistant material used by the military, this case from Benks offers robust protection for your iPhone. The slim design offers impressive protection is comfortable to hold. It also prevents dust from entering and scratching the body of the phone.


Oakywood Wooden MagSafe Case

Made from durable walnut wood, this iPhone 13 MagSafe case from Oakywood is a perfect solution for all enthusiasts of good design and functionality. Plus genuine walnut wood attached to a solid polycarbonate shell, guarantees excellent protection of your device.