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Gearing up for the holiday season can leave you feeling a little out of sorts if you’re on a budget. Is it possible to buy memorable, useful gifts that don’t cost a fortune? In a word: yep—and they’re all right here, for under $50 a pop.

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist

For avid readers and literary junkies, nothing spells perfection quite like this striking hardcover book packed with 65 cocktail recipes—each complete with some clever commentary about many of the world’s most beloved reads.

Stance Pulp Fiction Socks

We all have that guy in our lives. He quotes Pulp Fiction to this day and expects you to respond with enthusiasm. You may or may not still be on board with such behavior, but you’ve gotta be true to your friends. These socks are a good starting point.

Twelve South AirSnap Leather Protective Charging Case

It’s unfortunately pretty easy to lose track of AirPods. This protective charging case made with smooth leather is the ultimate essential for those who can never quite remember where they saw them last. It clips handily to any bag for convenience.

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Bottle

There’s always room for a high-quality water bottle that’s as attractive as it is durable. The Rambler is available in a variety of colors that will last and last. It’s made with tough steel to stand up to anything.

Field Notes Autumn Trilogy Quarterly Edition

Know someone who kind of loves notebooks? The always popular Quarterly Edition from Field Notes is a beauty that draws inspiration from autumn’s richest hues. It’s finished with debosses leaves and a gently embossed logo.

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Drinking coffee on the go doesn’t have to be a subpar experience. This innovative travel mug changes the game entirely: it features a wide mouth, an easy-sip lip, and ceramic coating to promote a truer taste.

Rabbit® Automatic Electric Corkscrew

What took so long? Party-throwers and social butterflies know an electric corkscrew has long been a dream. This is the first ever, and it does all of the tough work in a cinch. One charge will take care of at least 30 bottles.

Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set

Whiskey drinkers know that it’s not just the beverage, but also the glass that matters. It’s why this set is such an apt gift—it features a wide glass that allows the aroma to shine, along with a metal chilling base to cool down the liquid quickly.

Stendig 2020 Wall Calendar

Forget the fancy artwork and the OTT design concepts that may be kind of annoying on a blurry-eyed morning. This wall calendar is simple and straightforward in its intention, and it’s perfect for anyone with a penchant for minimalist, understated style.

Echo Dot

Life is just easier when there’s a convenient companion hanging around. Echo Dot Gen 2 is a must for its high-octane speaker, voice control capabilities, Alexa-powered help desk, and hands-free calling.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: A Novel

This much-raved about book hits deep—it’s the kind of book that the reader will think about for days after they’re done reading. It touches on central topics that are sensitive, yet timely, like race, violence, class, and addiction.

Homesick Scented Candle

Being homesick is kind of a bummer, especially during the holiday season. Let them know you get it by surprising them with this thoughtful candle. There’s one for every state, and each is enhanced with notes that serve as strong reminders of home.


Who knows memes like no one else? This adults-only game challenges everyone to make the most amusing memes imaginable by channeling their sense of humor to come through. Who will win?

World’s Explorer Coffee Sampler

For the java junkie, the coffee connoisseur, and anyone who loves something new and unexpected, this sampler is a must. It contains four single-origin blends in balanced, bold, classic, and fruity.

Daneson Single Malt & Bourbon Toothpick Pack

When is a toothpick not just a little wooden stick? These little picks hold the answer. Each set contains two bottles, filled with 12 toothpicks each in Single Malt No. 16 and Bourbon No. 22 flavors.


Have a little fun on game night in 2020 by adding something fresh and new to the repertoire. It’s easy to play. Grab the crew, grab the beers, and prepare to come out on top. The game rules are printed right on the pinewood board.

Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio

For the discerning hot sauce enthusiast in your life comes this trio of fiery toppers that’s sure to please even those with the pickiest palates. Each set contains bottles of mango bourbon, jalapeno tequila, and habanero moonshine flavors.

Succulent Assortment

If they’re the type that admires floral presentations from afar and has made vague comments about maybe one day trying their hand at gardening…yeah, don’t hold your breath. This succulent assortment does all the work. There are six drought-tolerant plants in all!

Duke Cannon The Beard That Stole Christmas Gift Set

Growing a beard takes a little commitment. Make sure they remain true to their facial hair with a little help from this three-piece kit that contains two bottles of hydrating beard oil and a hefty tube of beard wash. Yes, it’s necessary.

Brass Metal Frame

Whether you’re including a photograph that’s especially meaningful to both of you or you just know they’d love a photo frame with a modern twist, this sleek and stylish home accessory is the perfect choice.