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For the nomad in your life, nothing makes a more practical gift than something that appeals to their wanderlust. You know the type: they can never sit still, they start planning the next trip on their way home from the current one, and their Insta feeds are the best on the planet. Here are a few gifts to keep in mind.

Aesop Departure Kit

Aesop is renowned for their fantastic selection of personal care products. This convenient set includes seven travel-friendly essentials for the hands, skin, and mouth. It’s everything they need in one!

Trtl Pillow

Ouch! Traveling on public transportation can create serious head and neck discomfort. To the rescue comes the Trtl travel pillow, available in numerous colors and made with plush, supportive fleece to nestle the head.

olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set

What do you give the photography junkie who’s always on the move? This clever clip for the iPhone X. It’s designed to enhance the usefulness of the iPhone’s existing camera with a trio of lenses.

EVO Global Travel Adapter

No matter where in the world they go, they can trust this sleek travel adapter to do the job with ease. It accepts standard plugs in over 150 countries, and is slender enough to fit into any bag with ease.

Bey-Berk Drake Toiletry Travel Case

Never underestimate the value of a great toiletry bag. This chic case is made with water-resistant ballistic nylon, and features multiple interior compartments and a two-way zip top closing mechanism.

AirSelfie AS2

For drone enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates fun technology, the AirSelfie AS2 is a fantastic option. The flying camera has a 12-megapixel high-def camera that captures every image beautifully.

EO Duffel

A durable, high-quality bag means everything to the intrepid traveler who demands more of his carry-on. This duffel does it all: it has weather-resistant panels, a MacBook slip pocket, and plenty of space for the essentials.

Hitch & Timber Notebook Caddy 2.0

When is a wallet not just a wallet? When it’s the Notebook Caddy 2.0, an innovative little accessory made with smooth tanned leather. It’s designed to conveniently hold a passport, small pocket knife, pens, and other essentials with ease.

Trakke Foulden Packing Cubes

Ask any avid traveler and they’ll extol the virtues of packing cubes. They’re ideal for keeping everything organized and in its place. They also allow travelers to pack more, and fit easily into any bag.

Airbnb Gift Card

For those who eschew traditional hotels in favor of homier lodgings, an Airbnb gift card makes a genius choice. Your gift recipient can use it to book a stay anywhere on the planet—ideal whether they go no further than the nearest beach or routinely go abroad.

Anker PowerCore 10000 External Battery

Losing power at the most inconvenient time is definitely a common travel emergency that can make life rather difficult on the road. To the rescue comes this powerful external battery, which is lightweight, compact, and quick to charge.

Jack Mason Diver Watch

For those adventurous sorts who think big, a gorgeous watch that’s safe to wear in the water is a must. This one is tested for resistance up to 300 meters, and is designed with all of the hallmarks of an instant classic.

Urban Map Glass

Honor their love of travel by presenting them with a striking glass depicting a map of their favorite city. This elegant piece is beautifully etched with city maps, and is just as decorative as it is functional.

Bellroy Classic Pouch

It’s easy to lose track of small essentials, from toiletries to charging cords. To the rescue comes this handy, compact case, which is sized just right for the most necessary essentials. It includes a minimal side pocket with a magnetic closure to keep select items close.

Bellroy Tech Kit

To misplace even one tech accessory is to know serious drama when you’re away from home. Anyone who’s lost a cable can attest to that. This snug pouch is designed to hold all of those tech accessories easily—plus, it’s made from woven recycled fabric!

Stow Universal Leather Tech Case

For those who value luxury and appreciate the beauty of something sleek and eye-catching, this handsome case is the ultimate. It’s designed to hold everything from a 10.5” tablet to a passport to writing utensils.

que Bottle

With its spiral silhouette, this unusual water bottle stands front and center—but it’s not all about the good looks. It’s also collapsible, which makes it the perfect grab-and-go companion for avid travelers.

Away x Tile Luggage Tag

Simple luggage tag meets cool Bluetooth device. Tag and device marry. The result is this innovative tag designed by Away. It’s built with a sleek back spot that holds a Tile Slim, which makes it easy to track bags no matter where they may be.

Travel Smart Luggage Scale Digital

How much does that bag weigh, anyway? It’s a common conundrum that can throw even the most ardent travelers off if they aren’t careful. This handy tool makes it easy to keep track, and can even help simplify packing by limiting it to just the essentials.