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Chilly weather is upon us, and that means it’s time to start focusing on that most unwelcome of tasks: the annual farewell to lightweight tees and board shorts in favor of the essential cold-weather accessories that keep you toasty as temperatures fall at a rapid pace. With certainty, you can expect to have a difficult time finding the gloves you wore in February and the scarf you crumpled into a ball early in the year. Forget about going on the impossible hunt—instead, prep for the cooler months ahead with these sinfully cozy products.


You lose a ton of body heat when your head remains uncovered on cold days. Even when the rest of your body is all covered up, you might notice that familiar chill course through your veins in response to low temperatures. To stay genuinely warm, you need a comfortable head cover that insulates by locking air inside.

Ribbed Cashmere Cuff Hat. Image Credit: The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s

You can never go wrong with cashmere, that most plush and comforting of fabrics. The Ribbed Cashmere Cuff Hat ($78) from Bloomingdale’s is a particularly effective option that marries classic style and substantial comfort. It’s ribbed for structure, and features a cuff that you can adjust for the perfect fit. Another cold-weather contender is wool, which sets the BOSS Ebalerio Two-Tone Beanie Hat ($88) apart from the rest. A washed rust hue, coupled with thick virgin wool, makes it the ultimate choice for a brisk day. Favor a nubby feel reminiscent of your childhood? Try the Il Borgo Striped Knit Cashmere Beanie Hat ($198), featuring playful blue stripes on gray.


The right pair of socks can make a world of difference to your comfort. Just try stepping out in a pair of boots and the same socks that you wear when you play tennis during summer. Contrary to popular belief, layering socks isn’t really the key—that just puts pressure on your toes and cuts off blood circulation. Cold-weather socks are a decidedly different breed that offer enhanced warming features.  

Hotronic XLP PFI 50 Heat Socks

Slip into a pair of Hotronic XLP PFI 50 Heat Socks ($89). Built with double cuffs, it’s designed to work with a separate warming battery pack that delivers continuous warmth to key areas of the foot and ensure consistent comfort throughout the day. Wool is a practical choice for your footwear, too. These Darn Tough Hiker Boot Socks ($124.75 for 6) are built to perform, thanks to their stretchy Lycra® Spandex blend, mid-level cushion, and durable fit.


Few accessories are as important to a man as a pair of comfortable winter gloves. The right pair is designed to fit snugly on your hands while locking in heat to prevent that all-too-familiar and highly unpleasant frozen feeling that otherwise numbers your fingers. The good news is that a great pair isn’t tough to find.

Hestra Granvik Leather Gloves

If you’re constantly tapping away at your phone or tablet, then you need a pair designed to meet those demands without fail. UGG comes to the rescue with its classic Leather and Shearling Smart Gloves ($125), which are touchscreen-friendly and boast the label’s dependable and ever-fluffy sheepskin shearling interior. But if your focus is on both fashion and function, Hestra Granvik Leather Gloves ($200) set the tone thanks to their blend of handsome Scandinavian elk leather coupled with stretchy, banded cuffs. The black hue goes with everything in your closet.


Why layer up on scarves at the turn of the season? For starters, scarves are highly versatile. It doesn’t need to snow outside to warrant wearing one—it’s a great layering piece to help you combat those brutal late fall winds and the brisk chill that starts to tickle the air as winter approaches. There’s also a certain reserved and polished appeal about this accessory, which looks right at home whether you’re navigating a busy sidewalk on a blustery morning or picking up a latte with the family on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Beams Plus Multicolor Herringbone Scarf

For a pop of color that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, turn to Beams Plus Multicolor Herringbone Scarf ($175). Made with pure wool, the handsome piece features a vibrant yet neutral palette that nicely complements anything from your winter coat to a simple sweater. For a timeless piece you’ll definitely never lose track of in the depths of your closet, consider the Saks Fifth Avenue COLLECTION Reversible Silk and Cashmere Scarf ($198). Take your pick: will today be a luxurious Italian silk day or a plush cashmere day?


When in doubt, cover your ears. Temperature low? Cover your ears. Minor chance of snow? Cover your ears. Rain in the forecast? Cover. Your. Ears. There’s no question that a warm head and toasty toes go a long way in protecting you from the elements, but there’s also the little niggling problem that develops when you can’t feel your ears because they’re the only part of you left to suffer the effects of harsh weather conditions. Wearing a luxe warmer is the best remedy.

UGG Leather and Shearling Earmuffs

For serious warmth, try UGG Leather and Shearling Earmuffs ($95), which pack on the warmth thanks to the label’s signature sheepskin. A wide, snug leather band ensures a snug fit from the moment you slip it on. If you prefer something more substantial, don’t underestimate the value of a classic trapper hat. It’s just as you’d imagine—only more glamorous, thanks to this take from Ursfur ($213.19). A combination of silky mink and cozy ear flaps make it a cinch for the chilliest of winter days.