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Furniture shopping can be an exhausting experience, particularly if you’re visiting multiple brick-and-mortar stores to comparison shop. With the increase of the variety of high-quality online furniture stores, shopping for those new pieces for your home has gotten so much easier and convenient.

The editors at IMBOLDN have compiled a selection of trusted brands with a positive reputation for high-quality, good customer care, and speedy shipping. Here you’ll find a list of our favorites, so all you need to worry about is picking the right home décor and furniture for your particular style.


Since 2006, AllModern has been dedicated to bringing the best in modern design – regardless of budget. Count on AllModern to make the latest designs in contemporary furniture available whether you are simply refreshing a room or remodeling your home. AllModern carries not only indoor and outdoor furniture, but also accessories including decorative pillows, lamps, rugs, bath and kitchen gear, plus so much more.

This is an interior scene featuring modern furniture. In the foreground is a coffee table with a dark, glossy surface, sitting on golden legs. On the table are a striped black-and-white book, a small black vase with green flowers, and a large book titled "LIVE BEAUTIFUL". To the right, there's a small side table with a marble top and golden legs, holding a clear glass with a greenish liquid. Two plush, lime green armchairs with tufted backrests flank the tables, their velvety fabric catching the light.


In addition to just about everything else under the sun, Amazon also offers a wide-ranging selection of all styles of furniture. Love contemporary furniture? Amazon has it. Or do you prefer industrial? You’ll find it here, too. Perhaps you like Modern Farmhouse, in which case there’s a great selection available. Plus, order rugs, wall decor, curtains and drapes, and even lighting.

The image features a contemporary living space with a dark gray wall. Centered in the image is a large, light wooden bookshelf filled with various objects. The bookshelf houses an assortment of items including books, decorative sculptures, a small plant, a camera, a brass bowl, a globe, and some electronic devices. To the left, there is a small wooden table upon which a potted Japanese maple bonsai tree is placed. To the right, there's a modern leather lounge chair with a matching ottoman, both in a caramel brown color.


Burrow specializes in two of the most sought-after design movements in history: American Mid-Century Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian style. Specializing in furniture and area rugs, the company uses premium, durable materials in all its products so that they will last for years. In addition, they offer the next generation of modular seating, designed for easy, tool-free assembly that can be done in minutes. Customize your seating pieces with a wide ranging choice of fabrics, Italian leather, or performance velvet. 

The image shows an outdoor setting with a focus on leisure furniture by a swimming pool. A wicker armchair with black cushions sits on the left, positioned on a concrete pool deck. Beside the chair, there's a unique wooden side table with a glass and two black pottery pieces. On the right, a potted plant with spiky green leaves adds vibrant color and life to the scene. In the background, a serene desert landscape with rocky outcrops and sparse vegetation under a clear blue sky creates a calm and inviting environment.


Founded in 2013, Article has been offering beautiful modern furniture and decor at unrivaled value. Whether you’re updating your living room, bedroom, or home office, you’ll find just the right pieces at Article. The brand even offers living room, dining room, home office, and bedroom furniture “bundles” at amazing prices. Also, Article takes great pride in delivering most in-stock orders from the warehouses to your front door in two weeks or less!

This image presents a well-appointed living room with a classic and sophisticated interior. The room features a high ceiling and paneled walls painted in a light cream color, complemented by floor-length drapes framing a window that lets in natural light. The furnishings include a plush, textured fabric chaise lounge and a dark leather armchair, adding a contrast of textures. A circular marble coffee table with dark veins stands at the center of the room on a large, light-colored area rug. To the right, a metal floor lamp with three globular shades adds a modern touch next to a framed portrait of a woman hanging on the wall. In the center, above an ornate marble fireplace, hangs a large abstract canvas flanked by two classic wall sconces. On the left, a sleek console table holds books, and a rectangular mirror above reflects part of the room.


CB2 offers curated collections of modern furniture and contemporary home decor. CB2 stores offer high-quality pieces crafted by artisans and designers from around the world at approachable prices. You will find unique furniture pieces, home decor, modern lighting, contemporary rugs, and even dinnerware sets. The store offers free interior design services, curbside pickup, home delivery, and buy online options.

This image showcases an outdoor dining area in a patio setting. At the center, there is a large, rectangular wooden table with a warm tone, surrounded by six black dining chairs with light cushioned seats. On the table, there's a glass vase with green foliage, a bowl of oranges, and a bottle with two glasses. A straw hat rests casually on one of the chairs, adding a personal touch. In the background, large green plants in pots create a refreshing and tropical atmosphere. The flooring is a mix of textured tiles and a large area rug, and part of a white building with geometric patterned details is visible.


From mid-century modern to contemporary furnishings, Castlery’s design language is intentionally universal; the brand designs so you can settle in, comfortably, for the long haul. Whether you’re looking for a 2-seater sofa or L-shaped sectional, you’ll find them here – with cloud-like seating options, or medium-firm supportive seats. Check out Castlery’s wide range of dining room furniture, bedroom pieces, and even home decor and outdoor furniture.

This image captures a serene and minimalist living space bathed in natural light. In the foreground, a large, plush sofa in a textured off-white fabric is adorned with decorative pillows in muted earth tones. A cozy beige throw blanket is draped over one end of the sofa. A sleek, modern coffee table in front of the sofa holds a neatly stacked collection of hardcover books, one open as if recently browsed through. In the background, a dining area is visible, featuring a round table surrounded by elegant upholstered chairs, and a simple yet stylish vase with sprigs of greenery atop the table. Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains filter the sunlight, creating a soft and tranquil atmosphere. The color palette is neutral, with whites and creams predominating, accented by the natural colors of the books and foliage, which add a touch of warmth to the space. The overall effect is one of calm sophistication and understated luxury.

Rove Concepts

Founded in the Pacific Northwest, Rove Concepts is dedicated to focusing on quality and sustainability in all its furnishings and accessories. The company offers furnishings and decor for all rooms throughout a home. Selecting the highest grade materials from various regions throughout the world, the company’s craftsmen blend the sensitivity and tradition of contemporary hand made goods with innovative modern technology.


Medley understands that investing in furniture is a big deal. That’s why they design and build ethically manufactured and durable goods because they will last for years to come. Their team of skilled builders use time-honored techniques and methods that help make their pieces withstand the rigors of everyday living. Every piece built by Medley is made to order, so they have the flexibility to customize furniture to make sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for and fits your space.

Inside Weather

Northern California’s Inside Weather is all about making exceptional custom furniture at incredible prices. The company starts by designing and building all of its pieces in-house, and with its 0-inventory model, they only make what you order. This way, Inside Weather is able to cut out a bunch of production costs without sacrificing the quality of its products. The company offers furnishings and decor for all areas of the home. Pick your fabric of choice from 400+ upholstery options, choose from over a dozen finishes, and specify the fill of your cushions.