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Only when you actually use a less-than-stellar bath towel can you truly appreciate the difference that something made with high-quality materials can actually make. They’re game-changers, transforming an ordinary bath or shower into a memorable spa-at-home experience. Of course, not everyone wants to shell out spa-level bucks for a towel. There’s good news on that front: Whether you’re on a budget or not as concerned with the cost, you’ll find the best towels out there at a price that’s just right for you. We’ve rounded up the best of the best.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels

Did someone say “plush”? Brooklinen did — only their Super-Plush bath towels sit in a category all their own. The company’s top-selling towel is renowned for good reason: it’s almost absurdly soft to the touch, with a cloud-like feel that may leave you tempted to keep the towel on for the rest of the day. Made with 100% Turkish cotton, it’s a robust towel you’ll love at first touch. Each order includes two towels.


Slowtide Clive Bath Bundle

What’s not to love about a distinctive towel that’s got a little something extra going for it? That’s certainly the case with the Slowtide Clive bath bundle, which includes a pair of bath towels and two hand towels. Made with sustainable cotton, these highly absorbent towels boast an eye-catching elevated dot finish that sets them apart from ordinary white towels.


Coyuchi Air Weight Organic Towels

You’ve never seen a towel quite like the Coyuchi Air Weight organic towel. What’s “Air Weight,” exactly? Just what it sounds like — a featherweight consistency coupled with the robust, powerhouse performance of a thicker towel. It dries incredibly fast, and features a unique twill finish that lends the towel its inherent down-to-earth appearance.

$8 – $188

Turkish Towels Herringbone Turkish Towel

The hand-woven beauty of this herringbone towel from Turkish Towels is undeniable. At a glance, you can appreciate all of the hard work that went into producing this textile masterpiece. Made with Turkish long-fiber cotton, it’s incredibly resilient, with a smooth finish and an eye-catching pattern that looks right at home poolside or on the sand.


Chakir Turkish Linens Bath Towel Set

Why buy one when you can have four bath towels? The Chakir Turkish Linens bath towel set gives you just that — for a price that is so reasonable, you won’t be able to resist snapping one up (and maybe another, too, if you’re torn between colors). Available in a wide assortment of hues that range from crimson to peach to purple, these towels boast the kind of cozy finish that’s perfect for a post-bath nap.


Casaluna Waffle Bath Towel

An interesting texture lends the Casaluna Waffle bath towel its unique flair. It’s sure to stand out in the bathroom, not just for the fact that it’s nicely designed but also for its appealing finish. While it is undeniably textured, it also happens to be wonderfully soft to the touch. Made with pure cotton, it’s a durable accent you’ll rely on for years to come.


Hammam Linen Towel Set

There’s something so satisfying about gazing into the linen closet and seeing a stack of neatly folded towels that match each other perfectly. You can have exactly that when you shop the Hammam Linen towel set, which includes two each of bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths. Ideal for your spa day at home, they feel just as soft to the touch as they look.


Riley Home Plush Towel Collection

Whether you’re in the market for a washcloth, a hand towel, a bath towel, a bath sheet, or a complete set, you’ll find it in the Riley Home Plush Towel Collection. Made with 100% zero-twist cotton, these towels have ultra-fine yarns that lend them their distinctively pristine appearance. You’ll love that — not to mention how buttery soft they feel.


Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Organic Quick-Dry Towels

You know what you want in a towel, but you just can’t seem to find it. The search may well come to an end with the Pottery Barn’s Hydrocotton organic quick-dry towels. Not only are they eco-friendly and thoughtfully designed, but they boast a 550-gram weight for extra plushness and dry quickly for even greater comfort.


Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Bath Towels – 2 Pack

You can always rely on the basics — specifically Amazon Basics quick-dry bath towels, which more than live up to all of the hype. Each set includes two bath towels made with 100% cotton. Light and airy, they feel exceptionally soft to the touch and are available in a variety of colors, including ice blue and beige.


Frontgate Resort Collection Bath Towels

You’ll always remember that luxurious towel that you wrapped on when you treated yourself to a much-needed spa getaway. You can relive the experience at home with Frontgate Resort Collection bath towels. These ultra-soft, lofty towels feel so luxurious, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. They’re great to reserve for those very essential self-care sessions at home.


Lands’ End Supima Cotton 6-Piece Bath Towel Set

People rave about Lands’ End’s Supima cotton for a reason: it’s softer than conventional cotton, and it retains that softness from one wash to the next. The towels in this six-piece set are combed for a silkier feel, yielding a highly absorbent, extra-thirsty towel that looks as good as it feels. Each set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.


Ravel Nutrl Silver-Infused Waffle Towel

It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference, and that’s especially true of Ravel Nutrl silver-infused waffle towels. They’re formulated with the brand’s patented Polygiene treatment, which minimizes odors to keep towels completely fresh. The waffle texture gently exfoliates, leaving your skin super-soft. It’s also light and soft, with honeycomb pockets that promote faster drying.