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Time isn’t on our side — that much is true. It is, however, safe to capture on your wrist. You may not be much of a watch type, or maybe you’ve got your eye on a certain model but have never felt quite comfortable dropping that kind of cash on a timepiece. Whatever your situation, we’ve simplified the shopping process for you by narrowing it down to nine eye-catching and functional styles, all of which come in at under $150.

Timex Easy Reader Day-Date Expansion Band Watch

Proof that sometimes simple is best, the Timex Easy Reader Day-Date Expansion Band Watch keeps you going all day long. Take in the basic design of this timepiece — and don’t be surprised if you’re actually pretty wowed by it. It boasts a decidedly vintage aesthetic, with an appearance reminiscent of the 1950s. That, coupled with the Timex cred, makes it a great choice for daily wear.


MVMT Classic Men’s Watch

If you prefer a side of futurism with your watches, feast your eyes on the MVMT Classic Men’s Watch. This eye-catching accessory won’t be a stranger to the spotlight. It’s all clean lines and minimal style, but with a powerful punch. The red pops against the black backdrop, lending it a fierce look that’s just right for anyone who isn’t afraid to express themselves through their style. It also happens to be the label’s flagship style.


Fossil Men’s the Minimalist Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Sleek, slim, and straightforward, the Fossil Men’s the Minimalist Stainless Steel Quartz Watch has all-business written all over it. For those who have a conservative side with an edge, this watch captures the spirit of your vibe perfectly. A little stainless steel promotes longevity, while sharp quartz and handsome leather add to its aesthetic appeal.


Swatch NEW GENT Plastic Silicone Watch

Sure, plastic isn’t always high on the list of must-have watch features — unless you’ve got your eye on a Swatch Plastic Silicone Watch. No ordinary timepiece, this fun little companion is part of the NEW GENT lineup. It’s smart and straightforward, with a fearless look that’s exemplified by its sharp black and white colorway. The Swatch name resonates with the 1980s, so if you’ve got a thing for the days of big hair, this will win your heart.


Nixon Porter Leather Watch

Elevate your look with the Nixon Porter Leather Watch. It’s deceptively costly looking, with a glossy face and a wonderfully streamlined profile that lends it a contemporary look. Elegant and destined to stand the test of time (no pun intended), this handsome timepiece looks the part with anything from your country club gear to your best meeting-with-the-boss outfit.


Bertucci Field Comfort Watch

Sporty and practical, the Bertucci Field Comfort Watch does it all if you’re in the market for an outdoor-friendly accessory you can wear anywhere and everywhere. It’s made with a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate case that promotes its endurance and durability. Coupled with its Comfort-Webb band and Active Comfort ergonomic crown, it meets all the needs of the avid outdoorsman who needs something that’s more tough than fancy.


Fossil Rhett Chronograph Leather Watch

If you’re all about the little details, you won’t be able to resist the beauty of the Fossil Rhett Chronograph Leather Watch. It’s astoundingly well made, exhibiting the hallmarks of Fossil design for which the label is so renowned. The buttery leather alone makes it worthy of a second glance, but you’ll also experience the difference in the sturdy stainless steel. You can even have it personalized if you plan to give it as a gift.


Seiko 5 Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch

That contrast, though. A touch of fearlessness sets the Seiko 5 Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch apart from anything else in your collection. Naturally a classic, the Seiko watch is an inarguably timeless favorite renowned for its attention to detail and longevity. This model captures the spirit and vibe of the modern man — the type who wants quality on his arm at all times and isn’t willing to settle for less. This happens to go with everything, making it a smart investment.


Jack Mason Ellum Watch

Smart and savvy, the Jack Mason Ellum Watch was inspired by mid-century modern timepieces that were popularized during the 1950s and ’60s. Special in every way, from its slender profile to its dressy appearance, this watch is as robust as it is handsome. It offers water resistance up to 100 meters and features your choice of a glossy white or blue dial. Options are exactly what we love.