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Safeguarding your computer when you’re on the go is as essential as packing your charging cables. These are delicate devices, after all, no matter how foolproof manufacturers may make them out to be. You still wouldn’t want to take a chance of your laptop jostling just a little too hard while you’re in transit, nor would you want to risk it moving back and forth in your suitcase while you’re on a trip. The solution? A smartly designed computer sleeve that prioritizes your machine’s needs and keeps it in safe confines for the duration of your journey. Here are a handful we like.

Bellroy Laptop Sleeve

Designed to support 13-inch laptops and iPads alike, this smart Bellroy Laptop Sleeve bears all the hallmarks of a functional case. Sleek and elegant, it features a low-profile silhouette that is perfect when you want something that blends in nicely and isn’t too loud or flashy. The interior is lined with quilted microfiber for added protection, while the exterior’s recycled woven fabric offers a nice sustainable touch. There’s also a magnetic bumper entry, so you never have to worry about mistakenly scratching your device.


Incase MacBook Compact Sleeve

Precious cargo on board. The Incase MacBook Compact Sleeve is designed to efficiently protect your Apple device when you’re on the move. Use it to house either your 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in a simple, streamlined setting. The interior features plush faux fur that is admittedly luxurious, but the outside is all business. It’s made with a robust nylon material built to withstand everything and keep your MVP in perfect shape.


Graf Lantz Merino Wool Felt Laptop Computer Sleeve

Clean lines coupled with a classic material lend the Graf Lantz Merino Wool Felt Laptop Computer Sleeve a handsome appearance. A longtime favorite, this stylish accessory features a smooth felt finish and a contrasting leather flap that snaps securely closed. Your laptop won’t budge an inch, and your handmade case will look completely stylish no matter what it’s exposed to — it’s resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.


13″ Shinola Utility Laptop Sleeve

Simple. Streamlined. No-fuss. If that describes your style to the letter, the Shinola Utility Laptop Sleeve is made just for you. Made with sophisticated Italian Vachetta leather, this smart companion resembles an oversized envelope. The back features a handy card pocket, while a snap closure locks your laptop firmly in place.


Madewell The Leather Laptop Case

Whether for yourself or to give as a gift, Madewell The Leather Laptop Case is a dreamy find worthy of a second glance. Designed with semi vegetable-tanned leather, it will develop a rich patina over time. The zip closure secures your device well, and it offers just enough space to hold any 13-inch device. Easy and simple, it does the job well.


MOFT Laptop Carry Sleeve

The MOFT Laptop Carry Sleeve is no ordinary sleeve. In fact, it’s anything but that. It’s a hyped up sleeve with extras — including a built-in stand. Don’t be fooled by its deceptively sleek appearance. That’s actually part of the joy of transforming it from sleeve to stand. Just snap it up, adjust it to your preferred viewing angle, prop your laptop in place, and get to work. Made with a PU material, it’s both eco-friendly and stylish.


RAINS Laptop Portfolio

You’ve got places to go and things to do. If you don’t want to waste another second looking for the perfect case, snap up the RAINS Laptop Portfolio. Designed for 13-inch machines, this waterproof sleeve epitomizes scaled-back style with its clean lines and understated design. The lining, however, is made with a luxe velvet so you can feel confident that your device won’t slip anywhere.


Urth Naos Laptop Sleeve

If you’ve got a 15-inch device, get your hands on the Urth Naos Laptop Sleeve. The thoughtfully designed case features padded corners to keep your computer as safe as possible when you’re on the go. The outer layer is made with a 100% recycled nylon material that also happens to be weatherproof, so you could expose the accessory to some wet weather without worrying that it might lose its integrity over time. The interior is made with the plushest fleece around, making it a winner inside and out.


Thule Gauntlet Laptop Sleeve

Like a little briefcase for your computer, the Thule Gauntlet Laptop Sleeve gives new meaning to protective layers. The clamshell is designed to securely hold machines up to 16 inches wide, and is made with robust polyurethane for reliable protection. The corners are slightly enhanced for added security. The beauty of this case is that you can leave your device inside as you work, then zip it up when you’re all done.