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The average Brit spends the equivalent of 12 days on a plane during their lifetime. That’s about 288 hours of mind-numbing boredom unless you board the aircraft prepared. (No word on how much time Americans spend in the air.)  These 5 travel-worthy gadgets will help you pass the time and avoid everything from talkative seatmates to – horror of horrors – a dead smartphone. Bon voyage!

spAIR Tray Travel Shelf

Plane real estate is risky business. You’ve got your neighbor’s elbow waging war over the shared armrest and you’re constantly trying to keep your two fingers of whiskey from being overturned by the antics of the overgrown mook in the seat in front of you. Tray-back tables are more hazardous than helpful, which is why the innovative minds behind the spAIR Tray sought out a new, more sensible solution. This smart little tray folds up to fit into your carry-on bag, but unfurl it once you’re snuggly in your seat and it attaches to the window shade track* for oodles more space. Use it to stack snacks or store your phone; the non-slip pad keeps your goodies firmly in place from lift off to landing.
*Not in a window seat? Try the Air Hook instead.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

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It seems insane to pay as much for a pair of headphones as you would shell out for a car payment or 32-inch LED TV, but the long list of features makes these Beats, well, unbeatable. The sound quality is insane, so you can listen to anything from Wu-Tang to Waylon Jennings without compromising quality, and the Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling continuously works to keep fussy babies and juiced-up jet engines from encroaching on your comfort. Forget those firm, plastic buds that make your ears scream for mercy; these Beats have vented ear cushions with an ergonomic, flexible fit. Thanks to seamless switching, you can even go from your MacBook to your iPhone and back instantly. Perhaps best of all, you get a whopping 22 hours of battery life and wireless connectivity, two things that practically guarantee your next cross-country trip will the best one yet.

Anker PowerCore 10000

A gadget so snazzy even its name sounds like a technophile’s dream. The Anker PowerCore puts an end to battery-induced depression, a common problem for travelers who suck their devices dry while trying to amuse themselves on the way from point A to point B. The quick-charge function adds power four times faster, getting your iPhone or Galaxy to 80% in just 35 minutes, and you can charge multiple times (three for the iPhone 6s and about 2.5 times for the Galaxy S6), too. All this in a compact package that weighs just 6.4 ounces.

Dreamlight Sleep Mask

$199 (Early-Bird Pricing)
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It may still be in the funding stage, but prototypes of the Dreamlight mask made a big splash at CES 2018. This is no streamlined covering, but you won’t mind the less-than-sleek façade once you get a glimpse of the mask’s functionality. A comprehensive light and sound program launches the second you put the mask on. Remove the mask and the program pauses. Once in use, the mask emits orange LED lighting and custom soundscapes to help the user relax and catch up on some sleep. There’s an integrated heart rate sensor, a compatible app that helps monitor vital signs and sleep patterns, and a gentle-wake function that stirs weary travelers from their slumber slowly rather than using a brash alarm to break the sleep cycle. All in all, Dreamlight promises to fight jet lag and sleep disorders both in the air and on the ground.

(Set for mass production and shipping in spring 2018.)

Kindle Oasis

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Airlines are constantly redefining what we can bring on the plane with us and that means we have to rethink what we can stuff in our briefcases and overnight bags. If you’re an avid reader, your heart likely wants to bring three newspapers, a couple magazines, and those two mindset books you’ve been dying to read but your head knows that your carry-on runneth over. The answer? An e-reader, of course, and we don’t mean your iPad. The Kindle Oasis beats out Apple’s tablet for several reasons:
Comfort: The Oasis is thin, light, and made to hold in one hand for hours while the larger screen of the iPad is impressive but awkward when you plan on reading in your seat for the entirety of the flight.
Battery Life: Between the Kindle’s impressive battery life and the device’s cover, which recharges the Kindle as you go, you’ve got months of power at your disposal.
Readability: The Oasis is front-lit using e-ink while the iPad utilizes a backlit LCD screen. The former is a lot easier on your eyes when you’re poring over text for an extended period of time.
Of course, the Kindle also comes with unlimited access to Prime Reading, Amazon’s crazy-huge library of books, comics, magazines, and more, and you can always download Kindle versions of your favorite books at some pretty competitive prices.