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DBSC Bonneville

DBSC Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is an excellent bike with an understated and straightforward approach to two wheeled motoring. On its third incarnation, the Bonneville’s styling retains the classic design cues of the original from the 1950’s, offering a perfect alternative to those that have had enough with the screaming monsters like Ducatis or the obnoxious bellows of Harley-Davidsons. It is unsurprising then that a certain style icon of the modern era has chosen the Bonneville as the basis for his new custom motorcycle.

The DBSC Bonneville by British Customs was created for none other than world-class midfielder David Beckham. Even for us Americans unfamiliar with soccer/football, we’d be hard pressed to find a style conscious man that was unfamiliar with who Beckham is. If anything, some might even just know him as the underwear guy for H&M. With that said, there’s no doubt that every detail of the DBSC Bonneville had been carefully thought out, with changes that are purposeful yet appropriate to the original bike. These include all-new Triple Clamp for the Motogadget Mini, burnished Drag Pipes, a distressed leather Slammer Seat, and more. What’s most interesting is that the DBSC Bonneville wears off-road ready tires for maximum traction no matter where Beckham decides to take his next adventure.

Pricing has been kept hush, but we’re sure that a complete overhaul of this caliber would have cost a pretty penny. Whatever the price may be, it was probably worth every penny to maintain Beckham’s style icon status.