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Creature Comforts Epicurious

Creature Comforts Epicurious Beer

A beer that defies to be categorized, the Creature Comforts Epicurious was designed with the chef in mind.

Wine is a great beverage to pair with food, with some wine being very specific about the type of dish and ingredient that compliments the experience. Beer on the other hand, is known to be less food specific and more versatile, but that doesn’t mean that beer and food don’t go well together, as Creature Comforts Brewing Co. moves away from looking at industry trends and introduces a beer that’s been designed with the chef and his creation in mind.

Th Creature Comforts Epicurious Beer is a refreshing, approachable, and versatile beer that’s highly carbonated with an invigorating minerality that helps cleanse the palate between your bites. The beer is earthy, floral, with a touch of citrusy hop and the ABV of 4.2% only adds to its food friendly nature. It’s the perfect beer to pair with food at a large family style gathering, where you can enjoy good food, good company, and good beer.