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Cafe Grumpy Cold Brew

Cafe Grumpy Cold Brew

Ready-to-drink cold brew from one of New York’s premier specialty coffee roasters.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Cafe Grumpy is a specialty coffee roaster that also operates several coffee houses in New York, establishing themselves as one of New York’s premier specialty coffee roasters. Their latest foray takes them into the world of bottled coffee with the Cafe Grumpy Cold Brew, which was only available to customers visiting their cafes.

The ready-to-drink cold brew has no milk or sweeter added, but retains the cleaner and more chocolatey flavor with an electrifying dose of caffeine. While the formula for cold-brew is simple enough — only ingredients are coffee and water — it becomes a challenge to scale up the process to produce big batches with consistent taste and flavor. Cafe Grumpy’s determination to share their cold brew with a wider audience beyond their retail cafe locations makes the Cafe Grumpy Cold Brew possible. Currently only available at select retailers around the New York area, here’s to hoping that they soon branch out to a wider audience.