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Burger King Whopper Wine

Burger King Whopper Wine

Spanish wine has come a long way, being able to stand its ground against heavy weights from California, France, and Italy. They can range from fruity crowd pleasers to more sophisticated wines that can satisfy the most discriminating connoisseurs. Spanish wine especially shines when paired with rich foods like burgers or pork. Maybe this is why Spain’s newest entry into the wine market is specially designed to be paired with a specific type of burger.

Meet the Whopper Wine. As you could have probably guessed from the name, it’s a wine that has been made to be enjoyed with your favorite burger from Burger King. It’s more of a marketing ploy than anything else created by creative agency La Despensa to celebrate the first Burger King opening in Madrid back in 1975. Just like its burgers, the wine is aged in barrels that are flame-broiled for that extra savory taste that will compliment your juicy Whopper. The Burger King Whopper Wine is available at Burger King Spain locations, while the fetching free cases are available to a few lucky contest winners.

For you wine snobs out there that cringe at the idea of pairing wine with fast food, the Burger King Whopper Wine might be that missing element that can elevate your dining experience at Burger King. So why not try a bite from that juicy Whopper and enjoy your sip of the Burger King Whopper Wine. It may change your perception of fast food.

Bon appétit.