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BeoPlay H3 ANC

BeoPlay H3 ANC

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When cruising down the street in a shiny new sports car, there’s nothing more frustrating than a speed bump that just came out of no where. The frustration can be similar when you’re enjoying your favorite music but you’re abruptly disrupted by unwanted outside noise. Although we can’t do anything about the speed bump, Bang and Olufsen might have a solution for those pesky outside noises.

Their new BeoPlay H3 ANC in-ear headphone upgrades their H3 line with the addition of active noise cancellation, a technology that we’ve seen become more popular in full size over-ear headphones. The hardware retains the light weight metal construction that is robust and scratch resistant while staying light weight at only 40 grams. The Comply memory foam ear tips offer superb comfort, but for those that have become more accustomed to silicone may replace them with the included silicone ear tips. The excellent sound quality is only let down by low end bass that may seem slightly wanting for bass lovers. The round part attached to the cable is the battery that packs the power and technology to provide the noise cancellation. The awkward placement may be a slight encumbrance, but it might be worth it as you will be able enjoy your tunes without the intrusion of unwanted noise. While the battery lasts up to 20 hours, unlike some noise cancelling headphones the music doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve run out of juice.

Priced at $249 USD, the BeoPlay H3 ANC hits the sweet spot for those that have shied away from the bulky over-ear noise cancelling headphones and who prefer the intimacy of in-ear models.