Brydge Pro+ Bluetooth Keyboard

This Future-Proof Keyboard Turns Your iPad Into A Laptop

The keyboard is made to seamlessly pair with any iPad and remains compatible with the tablet even in the wake of iOS updates.

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$ 120+

The experience from using most third-party iPad keyboard manufacturers typically leaves users wanting more. These smaller keypads don’t offer the kind of typing feel you get from a laptop or a desktop, and if you’re an avid writer you know how important feel is. The Brydge Pro+ Bluetooth Keyboard finally provides the kind of keyboard you’ve been searching for. In fact, the wireless keyboard, featuring a full trackpad, will transform your iPad into a fully-functional laptop.

The keyboard is designed from aluminum to match the same look and feel as a Macbook. Backlit keys ensure that you can easily find your place while typing, even in the dark. The design is future-proof, meaning that when it comes time to upgrade your iPad the Brydge Pro+ keyboard will still work just as well as it always has.

This iPad attachment is designed for those who are not satisfied with the thin, minimally responsive keys of other wireless keyboards. So if you’ve been unhappy with your old keyboards, make sure to check out the Brydge Pro+.