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Boosted Board Mini

Boosted Board Mini

This super compact and battery-powered board wins at getting you around faster, at a top speed of 18 mph for up to 14 miles.

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The entire Boosted family of powered travel boards wins at getting you around faster, but only the Boosted Board Mini fits perfectly under your seat on the subway or your open format desk at work. Packing the same kind of power and range into a smaller board makes it easier than ever to get around without wearing yourself out or spending too much on ridesharing services. It might be smaller, yet the Mini board still goes 7 miles on a standard battery or 14 miles on the extended pack. The top speed is nearly the same at 18 miles per hour, meaning you give up next to nothing in features just to enjoy a lighter and smaller board.

Don’t worry if you’re no skater. The Boosted Board Mini is easy to balance and requires just a few hours of practice. Thanks to a deeply recessed board surface and multiple ride modes to fit the situation, you’ll feel completely in control even when traveling at top speeds. Tight controls match the smaller board size to increase your maneuverability in tight spaces. Try the Mini and boost your daily commute without special outfits or bike locks.