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Boosted Board 2

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Think of commuting in the city, and we automatically imagine traffic jams, crowded subways, and a general sense of frustration. That may be why we’ve seen many attempts in recent years to alleviate the pain of commuting with small vehicles like the Smart ForTwo, bicycles specifically designed for commuting like the Coast Cycles Quinn, and even a kick scooter that gives you electric assistance.

Targeting these commuters, the second generation Boosted Board sets out to make transportation simple, efficient, and most importantly fun. While the board retains the Loaded bamboo deck and the high-torque drive train, the second generation features upgrades like an extended battery pack, water-resistant electronics, and advanced connectivity options. Even if you don’t use the second generation Boosted Board to commute, you will have a blast riding this electric skateboard, no matter where your destination is.