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Add Some Flair To Your Kitchen With The Bob Ross Toaster

A two-slot space-age style toaster with Bob Ross’s smiling face on the side to greet you every morning.

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$ 40

Ever since The Joy of Painting debuted on PBS in 1983, Bob Ross has delighted audiences across the country with both his instructional artwork and his joyful demeanor. While Bob Ross, unfortunately, passed away twelve years later in 1995, his legacy still shines as bright as ever. Now, fans of Bob Ross can pay tribute to that legacy every morning at breakfast with the Bob Ross Toaster.

In addition to featuring a picture of the iconic painter in his element on its side, the Bob Ross Toaster is also designed to brown a picture of Bob Ross’s face into each piece of bread that it toasts. And while Ross was always quick to point out that there’s no such thing as mistakes – just happy accidents – this toaster’s quick-stop functions and adjustable thermostat ensure that accidentally burning the toast is never a concern. The Bob Ross Toaster makes an excellent gift for anyone whose life was touched by The Joy of Painting. And given Bob Ross’s genuine appreciation for the little things that make life worth living, it is safe to assume that the Bob Ross Toaster is a product that he would have loved.

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