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NECA Bob Ross Action Figure

The Bob Ross Action Figure We Didn’t Know We Needed Is Here

The action-figure incorporates elements of Ross’ recognizable style, from his iconic afro to his ’70s-style collars.

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$ 31

Most of us know something about Bob Ross, host of the long-running PBS series The Joys of Painting. What often comes to mind is his iconic afro and beard, timeless style of his ’70s-style collars, and the ASMR-worthy tone of a voice that constantly reassured audiences with the auspices of happy little trees.

Longtime fans of the broadcasting icon have missed his comforting presence since he passed away in 1995. Fortunately, this eight-inch clothed action figure commemorates his legacy and keeps him closer to our hearts.

There’s a lot to admire about Ross, like how his oil landscapes were largely inspired by the cold vistas of Alaska, where he served much of his 20 years in the US Air Force. Of course, his soft voice was in part because, after his service as a Master Sergeant, he never cared to shout again. Most profoundly, his memory is immortalized through painting, the medium he used to make the world a little bit more joyful.

The NECA Bob Ross Action Figure makes a fitting gift for admirers of this laid-back legend, beloved by millions.