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BioLite CookStove

BioLite CookStove

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You’re going camping and its time to decide what to pack for your weekend in the wilderness, embracing your oneness with nature. If your first instinct was to go straight to your fridge to grab a six-pack for the trip, we commend you on being on the right track. However, there may be more important things to consider since it will involve you surviving without any modern conveniences. Before you test your Bear Grylls-like fire starting skills on the spot in the woods, why not bring some backup?

The BioLite CookStove lets you leave your gas canisters behind without needing to worry about pulling a Bear Grylls either. It burns wood, which should be plentiful at your campsite, but controls the airflow via a USB-rechargable system that offers four fan speeds to control your flame size. By freeing you from fossil fuels and supplying smokeless flames, it’s the perfect companion for campers that are looking for a more natural and environmentally friendly way to cook out in nature. If you want to turn your fire into electricity to charge your devices, you can also check out their CampStove.