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Betabrand Under-The-Jack Pack

Betabrand Under-The-Jack Pack

Discreet and ultra-thin laptop bag that you can wear under your jacket.

We live in an age when most of our work can now be done on our smart phones. Devices such as the Microsoft Display Dock are blurring the line between phones and computers, but there are still some inevitable moments when we just need a laptop. Although originally designed for portability, with most of us accustomed to the convenience of traveling with our smart phones and tablets, carrying a laptop bag is a hassle that we’re slowly starting to avoid.

For those that want to maximize the portability of your laptop, the Betabrand Under-The-Jack Pack is an ultra thin laptop bag that makes it easy for you to carry your laptop without the need of a separate bag. It comes with shoulder straps and even a small zippered compartment for your charger or phone, completely freeing your hands while minimizing bulk. The best part is that you can wear your ultra thin laptop bag under your jacket, making it the ultimate covert laptop bag.

While we’re still waiting for a laptop or tablet that is portable while offering all the tools for our productivity needs, the Betabrand’s ultra thin laptop bag should make it easier for us to make the most of our laptops for those occasions when our phones just won’t do.