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Microsoft Display Dock

Microsoft Display Dock

With more of our work living on our phones these days, manufacturers are focusing on the seamless workflow integration between your phone and your desktop. A prime example is Apple’s Handoff feature that allows you pick up the work on your MacBook where you left off on your iPhone or vice versa. However, looks like Microsoft can now offer one better as they announced a new feature for its Windows 10 Phones that might just shame Apple and Google; instead of picking up where you left off on your phone, why not just use your phone as a desktop when you get to your office?

Announced back in April, Microsoft promised a seamless transition between the mobile and desktop computing experience with the Windows Continuum. Now available on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Windows Continuum allows users to use the phone as a Windows 10 PC with a monitor while still retaining the phone’s full functionality. The experience should feel remarkably close to that of a regular desktop/laptop Windows 10, and to ensure that it doesn’t lose any performance, you can use the Microsoft Display Dock for a smoother experience.

The Microsoft Display Dock connects to the Lumia 950 via its USB-C port, while the dock itself has connections for the display, keyboard, and mouse, allowing a full-fledged Windows 10 experience. It’s like carrying around a hand-sized PC while on the go that can also be your PC at the office or home, getting rid of the need to carry multiple devices. You can also add additional storage with external hard drives when connected, expanding the capability of the phone. Native apps should feel right at home both on the mobile screen as well as the desktop monitor, and familiar shortcuts like Ctrl+C to copy and Alt-Tab to switch apps will be supported as well.

The Microsoft Display Dock is the first of its kind and we’re looking forward to how this will consolidate our multiple devices.