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Berkel Primitive Knife

The Berkel Primitive Knife Mimics The Curves Of Your Hand For A Superior Grip

Made from forged stainless steel, the Primitive Knife is perfect for dicing fruits, vegetables, and meat.

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The Berkel Primitive Knife is a versatile utensil that can assist the home chef with anything from dicing fruits to filleting fish. The handheld design ensures an up-close encounter with whatever’s on the chopping block. The closer the knife is to the food, the easier it is to get the best results.

Made in Italy, the primitive design was fashioned based on the curvature of the hand, giving it one of the most comfortable grips of any knife on the market. Berkel is known for making products with minimal upkeep, reducing the number of times the chef will need to sharpen the knife over the course of its lifetime. To clean, the forged stainless steel just needs to be washed in hot water and then dried completely.

This matte silver knife doesn’t look like most of its competitors, owing largely to its large base and rounded profile. While the name may make the chef think the construction of the knife is derived from prehistoric times, the curated design feels anything but ancient. For anyone who’s ever wanted more precise knife cuts on their steak or a finer dice for their garlic, the Berkel knife helps even the most ambitious of home chefs refine their meals in record time.

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