‘Bad Boys For Life’ Official Trailer

With the brother of an old foe emerging from the shadows of the criminal underworld, the partners must recapture their swagger to survive.

It has been a long time since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunited in Bad Boys II. After 16 years and counting, the Bad Boys, as well as the classic theme song, are back and better than ever with the release of the Bad Boys For Life. The official trailer was recently released, giving eagerly anticipating audiences a peek into the next chapter in this saga.

While the 2 stars have aged, they have the same comic timing that added laughs to the first two action packed installments in the series. The return of this duo is aided with some help from an ensemble cast including Charles Melton, Alexander Ludwig, and Vanessa Hudgens. Smith and Lawrence reprise their roles as detective lieutenants Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett pitted against the brother of an old foe emerging from the shadows of the criminal underworld. Defeating him hinges upon the partners recapturing their old swagger.There has been a sizable gap in between each of the Bad Boys movies. The very first came out in 1995 and was directed by Michael Bay. Michael Bay also directed the first sequel in 2003. Bad Boys For Life will be the first in the series not to be directed by Bay. Instead, the sequel was directed by the team of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. No matter who is behind the camera, the hilarious dynamic between Smith and Lawrence will be sure to please the audiences.