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Awair Glow

Unsure of the air quality inside your home? This device tracks toxins and chemicals so you can breathe easier.

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We often tend to overlook the importance of fresh air, especially during winter when we rarely open our windows in a desperate attempt to keep the cold air from intruding into our homes. However, air quality is a crucial factor in keeping a healthy lifestyle, as we find ourselves constantly indoors. The Awair Glow is a small device that plugs directly into your wall, tracking toxins and chemicals in the air and offering personalized recommendations to stay healthy.

With the Awair Glow, you can quickly see the status of your air on the color-coded LED that lets you know the quality of your air at a glance. You can also view more in-depth insights and tips on the Awair app to make healthier adjustments to your home. It plugs in directly to your wall, but can also power “non-smart” devices so that they can automatically turn on when the air quality drops. You can even customize the triggers to active your attached devices, like air quality, schedule, or motion. It also has a night light feature that elegantly glows, and can be activated by touch, motion, or the app. For a more comprehensive overview of the quality of your air, it also works with Awair, so you can keep an eye out on air quality throughout your home.