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Amphibious, extreme, yet luxurious. Experience the Cadillac of 8-wheeled ATVs.

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If you thought that amphibious all terrain vehicles were meant to be a rich boy’s toy to roam about his acres of land while going in and out of his moat, you’d probably be partially correct. However, what you may not realize is that these vehicles offer a form of green mobility for the government and public sector as well, as these vehicles can tread lightly without disturbing environmentally sensitive areas.

ARGO fills a gap between purely recreational quads and heavy off road equipment, and their ARGO LX 8×8 is the most luxurious amphibious all terrain vehicle that they make. With its eight wheels, it can carry up to six people on land and four over water, while the 30hp 748cc engine will go up to 25mph and 3mph respectively. It’s not just its versatility that impresses, as the vehicle comes equipped with the latest connectivity options as well, from a dual USB/12V power outlet for your phone or GPS, while you can also option a Bluetooth ready Jensen 4 channel 40 watt sound system as well. Whether you’re a rich boy roaming about your estate or on a government funded project in a remote location, there’s no where you won’t be able to go with the ARGO LX 8×8.