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Amalgam Collection Ferrari 499P—24 Hours of Le Mans model

Amalgam Collection’s Tribute To Ferrari 499P’s 24 Hours Of Le Mans Victory

The car that returned Scuderia Ferrari to the pinnacle of sportscar racing.

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$ 19,995

The Amalgam Collection represents the pinnacle of model car construction, renowned for its impeccable attention to detail using high-quality CAD designs in partnership with the world’s leading car manufacturers. The brand’s selection of highly desirable limited edition models now includes another iconic sports car that car aficionados will likely be clamoring to own.

The new Amalgam Collection Ferrari 499p—24 Hours of Le Mans model is a stunning replication of the iconic hypercar driven by Miguel Molina, Antonio Fuoco, and Nicklas Nielsen Alessandro Pier Guidi in 2024. With a limited run of just 499 pieces per livery, the model comes with an eye-watering price tag that reflects the countless work hours it took to develop.

Dedicated modeling experts have joined forces with Ferrari’s top engineers to recreate the 1:8 scale model in all its glory by hand, with each model taking over 400 hours to complete. Constructed using the finest available materials, the Amalgam Collection Ferrari 499P—24 Hours of Le Mans model includes precisely engineered parts, including castings, CNC-machined metal components, and photo etchings.

In addition to the thousands of parts, the model is also fitted with opening doors and an interactive engine cover to exhibit the details and craftsmanship reflecting Ferrari’s specifications for the Amalgam Collection. The result is a fitting tribute to a world-class, cutting-edge car that captures the competitive edge deeply woven into the DNA of the Ferrari brand.

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