Aged & Ore DUO Glass

This multi-purpose cocktail and whiskey glass keeps your drink insulated and perfectly measured regardless of the pour.

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Designed to be a multi-purpose cocktail and whiskey glass, the Aged & Ore DUO Glass brings an end to the days when you needed one type of glass to enjoy a classic cocktail and another for whiskey on the rocks. And the best part is that your drink of choice will remain insulated and perfectly measured regardless of the pour.

The DUO Glass is made with hand blown borosilicate glass to create a double wall that holds up to 10 ounces, delivering the right level of insulation to keep drinks cold without unwanted condensation — which means that you can now say goodbye to coasters. For that matter, you can also say goodbye to extra ice cubes and hello to a single ice ball that fits perfectly in the bottom of the DUO Glass, creating a symbiotic balance between the ingredients and their mode of transportation to your taste buds.

Speaking of taste, integrated 1-ounce pour indicators ensure that every cocktail is made perfectly each and every time. Whether you prefer the subtle differences of a whiskey as it mingles with a 2-inch ice ball, or prefer the complexities of the perfect Old Fashioned, the Aged & Ore DUO Glass is handcrafted to bring perfection to your lips with every single sip.