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Zipbuds Catalyst Wireless Earbuds

Are these the ultimate wireless earbuds that we’ve been waiting for?

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There are numerous wireless earbuds and headphones on the market, even more so these days with Apple shaking things up by abandoning the 3.5mm audio jack with the new iPhone 7. Although there are good choices, most wireless earbuds sound terrible and are uncomfortable, with a battery life that limits its usefulness in the real world. Definitely grim news for new iPhone 7 users that need to either cut the cord or invest in new Lightening headphones.

Zipbuds are convinced that they have cracked the secret to the perfect wireless earbuds with their new Catalyst Wireless Earbuds that promises to offer better sound, technology, and comfort. The Catalyst uses a hybrid audio driver system, with balanced armature drivers that isolate high-en frequencies and dynamic drivers that act as built-in subwoofers. It’s also sweat and water resistant while offering a secure and comfortable fit, making these perfect for using at the gym during your rigorous workout. The earbuds should also feel comfortably weighted while taking the stress off your ears, thanks to the weightless stabilization system that fuses to your neckline. Add the incredible 15 hours of talk/playtime or 400 hours of standby with a full charge, the Zipbuds Catalyst may be the perfect wireless earbuds we’ve been waiting for.