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Zero Halliburton Pursuit Aluminum Collection

Zero Halliburton Debuts The Pursuit Aluminum Collection

An anodized aluminum shell, leather carry handles, combination lock, and magnetized ID tags let you travel in style while staying secure.

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$ 950+

Show up in style with the Zero Halliburton Pursuit Aluminum Collection. This brilliant luggage set includes six stunning pieces — two attaché cases, a large and medium travel case, and two carry-on items. Each piece makes an unmistakable impression thanks to 80 years of design excellence from the company. Choose from silver, black, or bronze-finished aluminum. 

The company’s hallmark, anodized aluminum is resistant to scratches and looks brilliant no matter where you take it. Use the medium attaché case for taking work home, while you fit all your everyday items in the larger case. The collection comes with an international and a continental luggage case. From the combination lock to the concave edges, this luggage is made for ardent travelers. Premium ball-bearing controlled wheels glide across the tarmac and the carpet just the same. Leather carry handles with a ribbed edge gives you the perfect spot for all your fingers to grip the case securely.