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YouTube’s ‘Unbox Therapy’ Unboxes A Ford

YouTube’s highly popular Unbox Therapy has been unboxing numerous products since 2010. The channel’s professional unboxer
Lewis Hillsenteger usually focuses on high tech products, but has also unboxed some unusual products like the Ostrich Pillow. This unboxing, however, may be the largest and the most unusual unboxing to date, as Hillsenteger finds himself unboxing a Ford.

It’s part of Ford Europe’s marketing campaign to promote their new subcompact car, the Ford KA+, a tiny city runabout that is only sold across the pond. Hillsenteger treats the unboxing video like any other with the help of actress Joanna Page, which makes for an amusing video. We’re still trying to wrap our head around the amount of packaging needed to wrap the car in.