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Yocaher Punked Drop Down Longboard

Low center of gravity for stable and comfortable ride makes this longboard perfect for beginners and commuters.

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We’ve featured a lot of alternative modes of commute that make urban travel less of a hassle, ranging from kick scooters to electric bicycles. For those of us that grew up skateboarding, a longboard offers a great alternative to bikes and scooters, as they were designed with transportation in mind and are easier than skateboards.

The Yocaher Punked Drop Down Longboard is unique among longboards for its concave double down lowrider deck and unique design that has a lower center of gravity that makes it more stable. Additionally, the 9-inch heavy duty aluminum trucks with a reverse kingpin is setup to handle rigorous downhill and free ride styles. Available with a variety of graphics to suit your taste, it’s perfect for beginners and experienced skaters alike who want to cruise down the street in comfort and style.

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