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Xtension Retro Arcade Controller

This plug & play arcade-style controller is ready to take your gaming experience over the top.

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There’s really only one way to play classic games, and it’s with an old school joystick and arcade buttons. Playing games like PacMan, Donkey Kong, or even Street Fighter just doesn’t feel the same when played on a console or computer. Thankfully you no longer have to resort to playing these classic games with a computer keyboard or Xbox controller thanks to the retro-gaming inspired arcade controller, Xtension.

The Xtension controller by Rec Room Masters turns your PC, Mac, Xbox, and Playstation into a retro arcade system. Packing arcade-grade buttons and joysticks for two players, it’s available in classic game color schemes to match. All you have to do is plug-and-play with the compatible consoles and you’re ready to enjoy retro arcade gaming the way it was meant to be played.