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Wrensilva Loft

The Stunning Retro Style Loft Audio System From Wrensilva

Wrensilva’s Loft lends an air of elegance to playing vinyl records.

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$ 4,999

It’s easier than ever before to collect recorded music on a large scale thanks to so many digital distribution channels. But when a music fanatic is focused on listening to vinyl, storage can be an issue, especially for people dwelling in small apartments where free space is scarce. The Wrensilva Loft solves this problem. The Loft is a compact but fully-functional turntable and sound system. With built-in storage space to accommodate 60 records, it’s made from Ebonized Oak and North American Walnut and measures just 33 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. It also plays music via Bluetooth and Sonos Wi-Fi streaming.

Meant for playing 33-1/3rpm long-playing discs as well as 45rpm singles, the compact design doesn’t compromise sound quality. Wrensilva’s Loft turntable is actually vibration-isolated from the speakers so loud tunes won’t make records skip and scratch. The unit features the Wrensilva’s solid-state pre-amp, a 100 watts per channel ICEpower by Bang & Olufsen amplifier, and two-way bass-reflex speakers with premium drivers. This design-savvy system is just the ticket for audiophiles with limited space.