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Wrensilva M1 Record Console

The Wrensilva M1 Console Is A Must-Have For Audiophiles And Design Lovers

Meticulously crafted with premium hardwoods and advanced audio technology.

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$ 18,800

The ongoing resurgence of vinyl among music lovers has been accompanied by a desire for home audio setups that replicate the esthetics of classic hi-fis from the golden era of the format. Few contemporary hi-fis capture the spirit of this nostalgia for classically styled setups that utilize stylishly designed hardwoods as effectively as the new Wrensilva M1 Record Console.

Constructed from hand-selected and elegantly grained Natural Walnut, Tobacco Walnut, or Blonde Mahogany, the Wrensilva M1 Record Console is a premium audio system with a price tag reflecting its exclusivity. Its striking front piece showcases the unit’s horizontal grain pattern, and its signature doors have book-matched grain patterns.

Sitting on sturdy 7.5” spindle legs with adjustable leveling feet, the sense of refinement continues through the use of a leather-lined record pocket and armrest, while the spacious interior has enough room for up to 150 albums. While the Wrensilva M1 Record Console echoes the sound systems of the 1970s in its visual design, its audio performance is entirely within the twenty-first century.

Delivering five listening modes and connectivity through Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, it comes with Sonos multiroom functionality built-in to fill the home using any Sonos speaker. The M1 Record Console tastefully blends warm woods with an LED light panel while optimizing audio reproduction with a custom two-tone aluminum tonearm and sleek counterweight for the split-plinth belt-driven turntable.

Whether using analog or digital music sources, the Wrensilva M1 Record Console’s audio performance is exemplary, driving powerful basslines and crisp upper frequencies through its premium speakers made in collaboration with sound engineers and music producers. The result is a room-filling sound system for audiophiles with a large budget to work with.

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