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Worn & Wound Harris Tweed Watch Roll

Worn & Wound Harris Tweed Watch Roll

The Worn & Wound Harris Tweed Watch Roll is a leather and wool, hand-crafted protective holder for your high-quality watch.

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Worn & Wound Harris Tweed Watch Roll. There’s a lot to unpack in that name. Let’s start with that Worn & Wound part. It’s a website featuring hundreds of known and less familiar quality watch brands at various price points. Many are under a thousand dollars. Watch collectors flock to this site for its vast selection and sumptuous presentation of intriguing value-driven timepieces.

As for the Harris Tweed part of the product name, it’s the primary fabric used in the watch roll. And that’s what we’re really unpacking here. The watch roll. A Worn & Wound Harris Tweed Watch Roll provides a soft, protective home for your quality- and value-driven wristwatch. It folds to fit a breast pocket or storage at home.

The all-wool, hand-spun and hand-woven Harris tweed fabric in an Ash Grey heather design perfectly complements the genuine leather accents and two leather watch pockets within. The Horween’s Cognac Essex leather bespeaks quality. All in all, you’ll find this handsome watch roll to be fabricated of the finest wool and leather for superior texture, styling, comfort, durability and utility.

Trust us, your Worn & Wound-purchased watch wants to nestle here.