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KFC Fried Chicken USA Sweatshirt

KFC Fried Chicken USA Sweatshirt

Celebrate America's most delicious export with this kooky and comfortable sweatshirt.

Perhaps there are few things as quintessentially American as baseball, cold beers, and fried chicken. KFC, the world’s most famous fast food chicken chain and American national treasure has recently begun peddling chicken themed apparel, home goods, and other accessories in a quirky, tongue in cheek (or perhaps tongue in mouth) online shop.

Their Fried Chicken USA Sweatshirt is one such item, providing chicken fans the perfect opportunity to declare their love of the warm, salty, golden fried stuff. This 60/40 poly cotton looped terry fleece sweatshirt is the same color as the deliciously indulgent crispy chicken coating. Its black felt lettering praises the chicken delicacy and the country that gifted it to the world.

The top is stylish and cheeky enough to set tongues wagging at your neighborhood party while still being soft and low-key enough to wear while kicking around the house and binging on Netflix and a bucket of KFC chicken. Don’t worry about too many grease dribbles down the front, the sweatshirt is machine washable in warm water and tumble dry safe. Though indulge in enough oily Fried Chicken USA and you might need to wear this sweatshirt to work it all off at the gym.

You can shop to your heart’s content for this shirt and all the chicken-themed goods you want at KFC’s online boutique.