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What Does a Chopstick Piano Sound Like?

Instead of playing ‘Chopsticks’ on the piano, this is a piano made from chopsticks.

Whether you’re banging on an empty paint bucket in the subway station or having a great time with classroom instruments, good music isn’t limited to what’s played with expensive instruments as long as it can move our soul. Case in point, Kuma Flims has created a video that captures musician Sami Elu playing with an instrument of his own creation; a piano made from wooden chopsticks.

With an array of recycled instruments accompanying the chopstick piano, Sami Elu demonstrates that great music need not originate from expensive instruments with his beautiful rendition of his original composition, for my people. As impressive as his creation is, his ability to juggle multiple instruments may be even more impressive.

You can also listen to the album containing the song below.