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WESN x Real Fun, Wow!

WESN Collaborates With Real Fun, Wow! For A Unique And Beautiful Slip Joint Knife

Besides being WESN’s first Henry collab, these are its first-ever blades handmade in its hometown of Detroit, MI.

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$ 165

WESN, the Detroit-based knife company, has announced its collaboration with artist Daren Thomas Magee, also known as Real Fun, Wow!. The collaboration aims to merge the worlds of art and functionality, resulting in a unique slip joint knife that is as much a work of art as it is a useful tool.

According to WESN, the collaboration with Daren Thomas Magee allowed the artist to incorporate his ethereal and minimalist art style into the design of the Henry slip joint knife, resulting in one of the most unique blades yet. The knife features an original art G10 handle with titanium handle accents and is made with Sandvik 14c28n blade steel. The blade measures 5.35 inches when open and 3 inches when closed, weighing 1.6oz/45g.

The Real Fun, Wow! Henry Pocket Knife is part of a kit that includes an organic cotton bandana made in partnership with Bandits Bandanas, a custom enamel pin, an authentication card, and a collab exclusive sticker and packaging experience. This kit is as bespoke and useful on the field as it would be in a museum.

This collaboration marks WESN’s first Henry collab and its first blades handmade in Detroit, MI. The Real Fun, Wow! Collab is set to release on Tuesday, March 28th, at 10 AM EST, with an MSRP of $165. The pre-release sign-up page is now available on the company’s website.

WESN has always aimed to create knives that are both useful and beautiful, and this collaboration with Real Fun, Wow! embodies that philosophy. The resulting slip joint knife is a testament to the artistic and functional capabilities of both WESN and Daren Thomas Magee. It is a must-have for collectors and knife enthusiasts alike.

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