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iPhone 15 Lineup | Collection Les Mondes de Diptyque | 12 Best Cashmere Sweaters Under $250

A look at some of the most popular highlighted products and stories covered this week.

This week, Apple held its Fall event dubbed Wonderlust, where a number of new products were showcased, including the new iPhone 15 lineup. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus boast the expansion of Dynamic Island, an animated feature that provides users with contextual information. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models have larger screen-to-body ratios than previous models. In addition, Apple offers these phones with grade 5 titanium frames, making them the lightest Pro handsets Apple has ever produced.

Right on the heels of Apple’s product announcements this week, Native Union revealed its new stylish iPhone 15 cases that are crafted with premium plant-based materials. Called the (RE)CLASSIC CASES, they include drop protection of up to 6 feet, ensuring your iPhone remains safe from unexpected falls. In addition, the recycled microfiber lining, raised edges, and closed-bottom structure provide an extra layer of care.

Cashmere is known not only for its long-lasting qualities but also for its unmatched comfort. As fall and winter quickly approach, IMBOLDN’s editors compiled an article entitled The12 Best Cashmere Sweaters Under $250 for your edification. We are, after all, in favor of you living luxuriously without breaking the bank!

Diptyque Paris invites you to visit miraculous destinations around the world through its refillable candles. Offering five very different scents from a Chinese tea plantation to the sweet smell of ripened cereal crops growing in the American West, each candle comes in an oval glass container made in Europe and designed by Cristina Celestino.

Last, but by no means least, be sure to check out Buzzy Fold, a stylish, foldable e-bike with features that include 20-inch integrated aluminum brushless wheels and a HUB motor from Bafang. Additionally, its Pedal Assistance System uses sensors to activate the electric motor when the rider needs it automatically.

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